SinfulColors – Chalk it Up

SC - Chalk it UpSummer is pretty much amazing. Right now I’m loving life: staying up late, sleeping in, mid morning workouts, and most importantly – having lunches that are longer than 20 minutes.  So, needless to say, for the most part anything back to school related right now makes me cringe a little. However, there are always exceptions…

Last weekend, I was looking up all the Street Fusion displays for my post on Fierce Fiesta, and I came across a few images of the back to school themed Chalkboard Diaries display – now that is something to get excited about. Pretty colors with a fun demi-matte finish. So on Wednesday when I swung by my favorite Walgreen’s and saw the display, I was immediately drawn to the green… you know how this story ends. It ended up in my basket and here we are.

Chalk it Up is a pastel spring green. The SinfulColors website describes Chalk it Up as a Mist of Mint. RAWR. It’s not mint. Not every light green is mint. The demi-matte finish, while lovely, is nothing revolutionary. It lacks the “flat” look of typical mattes, I’d say it’s more of a satin finish. It’s lovely.

I always have a little trouble adjusting when I switch between finishes, so my first go with Chalk it Up was a little troublesome. I had some bubbling – not too much, just enough to irritate me. So I started fresh and added some  extra wait time between coats – I used two, in case you were curious.

Pro Tip: This collection is not exclusive Walgreen’s BUT three polishes are: Black and White demi-mattes appropriately named Blackboard and Whiteboard, as well as a pretty light pink, Pink Break. HOWEVER, my Walgreen’s had the regular display that has Snow me White & Black on Black instead. Make sure to check the labels!

SinfulColors retails for 1.99 at drugstores and grocery stores nation-wide. My store of choice is Walgreen’s since they run those oh-so-lovely .99 specials.

Do you plan on picking up any of the Chalkboard Diaries polishes? I liked Chalk it Up so much, I can’t wait to try more. Lovelovelove.

Check below for display pictures & swatches!

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Display first? Ok!

SinfulColors - Chalkboard Diaries Display (labeled)

SinfulColors - Chalk it Up

SinfulColors - Chalk it Up (Gatsby)


SinfulColors - Chalk it Up

SinfulColors - Chalk it Up



  1. I had not planned on picking any of these up as I thought they were matte but after seeing your pictures and reading your comments about the satiny finish, I know I need this one now.

    1. If they were straight matte I probably would have passed – I think you’ll be really happy with this. I hope they all have the same gorgeous finish because I plan on trying some more!

  2. Picked up five of these today! I’m a sucker for a matte finish. Seem similar to the jelly bean finish Julie G did recently.

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