SinfulColors – Fierce Fiesta

Sinful Colors - Fierce Fiesta (bottle)The summer of matte glitter love continues!

SinfulColors is heating up summer nights with 4 distinct Street Fusion collections: Latin Heat, Urban Beats, Tokyo Lights, and Bombay Nights. Each display has a mix of old and new polishes, but for me the standouts are the new glitter toppers and nail appliques within each collection.

Fierce Fiesta is one of three piñata blast glitters in the Latin Heat collection. As the name implies, it’s pretty much a party in a bottle. Open it up and you have red, yellow, light blue, and pink hex glitter. There’s also white bar glitter small and very small white & peach glitter (YES!).

I used two coats of Fierce Fiesta. I had to swirl my brush around a bit because I really wanted more of the larger pink glitter, but I only ended up with one on one nail. While I do like the finished look, I am just not patient enough for a glitter fishing expedition.

I must have been hungry because when I saw this polish I knew right away I wanted to go for a cupcake + sprinkles look. I layered it it over Barielle Pink Parasol and OPI You’re so Vain-illa – NO, not at the same time, although a strawberry & vanilla cupcake with sprinkles does sound delicious right about now..

If you’re into this style of glitter,  Alli reviewed Baila Baila a few weeks ago.

SinfulColors polishes retail for 1.99. I usually pick mine up at Walgreens when they’re having their every so often .99 SinfulColors sale – you can’t beat it!


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Sinful Colors - Fierce Fiesta (+ OPI Vain-illa)

OPI - You're so Vain-illa (+ SC Fierce Fiesta)

So much glitter..

SinfulColors - Fierce Fiesta!

I apologize, this picture is terrible – but I wanted to show y’all what it Fierce Fiesta looks like over pink. Forgive me? Mwah!

SinfulColors - Fierce Fiesta (+ Barielle Pink Parasol)

Also… this was my original cover image for this post. The balloons are too much, right?

SinfulColors - Fierce Fiesta




  1. ¡Finally got my hands on the Piñata Blast glitters! I collect polishes with Latin inspired or Spanish names and so I definitely had to have these. Haven’t worn them yet but I like the way it looks on YSV… so I think I’ll wear it with WnW Yo Soy! Always appreciate y’alls color/glitter pairings.

    So glad you liked Zoya Yasmeen! I’d mentioned it as a dupe to Nars Purple Rain. I didn’t comment cause I’m still fuming from a bad customer service experience w Zoya. Didn’t wanna ruin a great post because of the Flames All Over My Face. It looked fab on you, btw.

    1. Yayayay! That’s a fun way to collect – and I do think it’d look really good over Yo Soy! I’ve been meaning to grab that since my Nuclear War obsession.

      Re: Zoya – Oh no! You’re one of the reasons I chose Yasmeen! Whenever I ask about Zoya – it’s the most common response and I TOTALLY get it now! I’d love for you to share your customer service story though – I like to know the good & the bad.

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