Review: Amazon 5 Piece Dotting Tool Set

Amazon 5 Piece Dotting Tool Set ReviewBack in April I ordered this 5 piece dotting tool set from Amazon for $1.79 (with free shipping!). The reviews on Amazon were overwhelmingly positive and I figured for less than $2 I’d take a change on these dotting tools. I’ve done so many manicure with these dotting tools over the last several months and I am so incredibly happy with my purchase.

The set includes 5 dotting tools. Each dotting tool is dual ended. One end is the same on all of the dotting tools but the opposite ends are different. There is a large dotting tool then the others get progressively smaller.

This set will cover all your dotting tool needs. Under the jump I’ll link to some of the manicures where I’ve used these dotting tools.

To clean them I just use acetone and a cotton pad.

Considering the price I was expecting the quality to be shotty but these are very high quality dotting tools. There aren’t any imperfections and they feel sturdy and well made.

I ordered this set from Amazon though it does look very similar to the dotting tool sold at Sally Beauty Supply. But Amazon is a much better deal!

This all being said, if you’re in a jam and need a dotting tool ASAP you can make your own.


PS: Amazon Prime Day is July 15th (it’s being billed as better than Black Friday!). To participate you have to be an Amazon Prime member but all you have to do is the 30 day free Amazon Prime trial to participate 🙂

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  1. I have the orange one but the large end is a little bigger on mine. I love it and would love to have the various sizes.

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