Zoya – Yasmeen

Zoya - Yasmeen Right, I know it’s summer but I figured it was okay to slip into Fall mode for the day.

A few weeks ago, I asked you guys what some of your favorite dupes were and someone mentioned Zoya Yasmeen as a cheaper alternative for NARS Purple Rain – it peaked my interest. I’m sure a lot of you remember: NARS Purple Rain was a BIG DEAL in 2010. I ended up splurging on it ($16) for Alli’s birthday.

ANYWAY. Yasmeen is a blue based purple packed with an intense red shimmer. It’s amazing. AMAZING. The Zoya description made me laugh: the ultimate complex purple for maximum drama. Hell yes! It’s just so very! Excuse me, I’m totally watching Heathers right now.

So how does it compare to Purple Rain? I have no idea. I’m kidding – sort of. As it turns out, for the most serious nail polish addicts: it’s not a dupe – but for the other 99.99% of the population…. no one would know the difference. Purple Rain has blue shimmer alongside the red – that’s the only difference.

I really love Zoya – for oh so many reasons – but one of the biggest is the continuous availability of their polishes. I can decide I need a polish 3 years after it was released and it’s still available – not just on eBay, but on Zoya’s website. It’s convenient for someone like me…. I’m often (read: always) late to warm up to certain colors and/or trends.

Zoya nail polishes retail for $9 each and are available on www.zoya.com. You can find seasonal collections at Ulta. You can also get this pretty from www.zoya.com. If you plan on shopping on Zoya’s Website, then I highly recommend waiting for a promo – they’re usually fabulous. Yasmeen runs a bit cheaper on Amazon – currently in the $7-$8 range (though one listing is selling it for $32 — ridiculous).

Swatches below. Seriously, when the sun hits this polish it’s like flipping a switch from really pretty purple to OMG AMAZING. Okay. I think… that’s all. For now. Love you guys!

katie signature 2015

PS. If you’re still not satisfied, China Glaze Let’s Groove has the blue shimmer that Yasmeen lacks.

Zoya - Yasmeen (natural)

+ direct sunlight…

Zoya - Yasmeen (sun)

Zoya - Yasmeen



  1. Ooh thanks for the swatch!! This one is currently on my Zoya wishlist!! Did you order any new Zoya’s from the last 4th of July promo that they ran?

  2. This is going on my wish list for sure! I will also come out and say that I went pretty far fall as well. I’m wearing OPI Black Cherry Chutney. I don’t know what got into me. 🙂

  3. I adore Zoya Polish. I have about 75 bottles of Zoya, more than any other brand. I really like the fact they give at least halfway accurate descriptions, including whether the polish is cool, neutral or warm. With my very pink undertone that can be vital, especially in a yellow. They also have excellent customer service. Earlier this year I ordered a few bottles and Claudine broke in transit, covering most of the other bottles in her dark, shimmering beauty. After sending Zoya a photo they not only replaced the broken bottle but also all the bottles that were ruined for display., sending them all express so I received them just 2 days later. I really didn’t expect them to go so above in making it right. I recommend likingZoya’s Facebook page so you can be sure to get the notices about their promo codes. The last mystery box was fabulous!
    I’ll be checking out Yasmeen.

    Now I’m almost done gushing. I love reading The Daily Varnish. Great Post, as usual!

    1. I’m so glad you mentioned the customer service! I’d fogotten that my very first order was for Crystal – it broke and they replaced it very quickly. I think your experience speaks to the kind of company Zoya is – I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone having a negative experience.

      It’s hard to tear myself away from my usual essie/OPI routine but I love every Zoya I own aaaaaaand I think I need more.

      Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to comment! I lovelovelove comments and people that love polish.

      Have a wonderful weekend!

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