Funky Fingers Glitter Matters The Daily VarnishThis might be the most deceiving nail polish OF ALL TIME.

Just looking at Glitter Matters in the bottle I thought it was a glitter topper that had orange, white and some pink glitter thrown in. To say the least, I was a bit shocked when I started applying Glitter Matters to my nails.

Glitter Matters is a mixture of pink, yellow and white matte glitter in varying sizes. Obvious the illusion you see in the bottle is the pink and the yellow mixing.

I used one coat of Glitter Matters over deborah lippmann Rolling in the Deep. The combination looked great. And matte glitter is super trendy this summer.

Funky Fingers polishes are sold exclusively at Five Below stores. If you are like me and don’t live near a Five Below there are listings for Glitter Matters on eBay.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump! I swear this looked like a predominately orange polish in the bottle.


Funky Fingers Glitter Matters Funky Fingers Glitter Matters swatch deborah lippmann Rolling in the Deep and Funky Fingers Glitter Matters deborah lippmann Rolling in the Deep and Funky Fingers Glitter Matters swatch Funky Fingers Glitter Matters MACRO Funky Fingers Glitter Matters bottle Funky Fingers Glitter Matters label

  1. Arathael says:

    So there’s no orange glitter actually? Neat optical illusion! Happily I discovered a Five Below near me, so I am able to enjoy whatever Funky Fingers are currently available in stores. Sometimes they are dupes of Color Club as they are both made by Forsythe Cosmetics, I believe..

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