Julep Kirby

Julep KirbyI’ve really been into glitter this week!

After neglecting my nails whilst on vacation I decided I needed to file them way back and get a fresh start.

My go to polish for when my nails are on the shorter side is essie Urban Jungle. It gives the nail a clean look. But, me being me, I was itching to give my mani some sparkle.

Quite frankly I forgot about Julep Kirby. This polish was in the magical bag of polish I got from Katie awhile ago. But when I saw it I knew why she had given it to me. Kirby is SO ME.

Julep describes Kirby as a silver jagged glitter top coat. But, y’all. Kirby is so much more than that! Not only is there jagged silver glitter there is also varying sizes of silver glitter and, wait for it, BLACK GLITTER. I love black glitter.

Kirby applies beautifully; I used just one coat over Urban Jungle in my swatches.

Julep polishes are available at Sephora, but the monthly subscription service is a more affordable way to get Julep polishes. To get your first month free use the code FREEBOX!

As always, there are swatches under the jump. You can really see the black glitter in the MACRO shot.


Julep Kirby and essie Urban Jungle essie Urban Jungle and Julep Kirby Julep Kirby and essie Urban Jungle swatch Julep Kirby MACRO

What do you think?