Pixi – Coral Cantaloupe

pixi - coral cantaloupe 3Good morning! You guys, I have big news: I have found a neon polish that I adore. This is amazing. My issues with neon nail polish are pretty well documented around here, but here’s a summary: I want to love them, I don’t. UNTIL NOW. Actually, the only almost-neon polish I’ve really liked was also by pixi: Coral Cabana. Interestingly enough, Pixi has released four coral polishes. Vivid Coral, Caliente Coral, Coral Cabana, and Coral Cantaloupe. Lately, I’ve warmed up to neon polish and most recently I’ve been obsessed with neon glitter: OPI On Pinks & Needles & China Glaze Point Me to The Party.

Coral Cantaloupe is a stunning neon coral packed with marvelous golden shimmer. The formula was on the thick side so I added a few drops of nail polish thinner and I’m much happier. I skipped using a basecoat so I ended up having to use three coats for a streak free finish.

I’m in love, are you?

Pixi polishes retail for $8.00 (for .25oz)  and are available at Target and on Pixi’s website.

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pixi - coral cantaloupe

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  1. Love it. Did you use a white base? I used a neon last night for the first time and I used a white base coat as has been recommended, but I hate the results. I can see the white around the edges as hard as I tried to cover it. Recommendations? It’s an Orly polish.

    1. Hey Elizabeth! I did not use a white base – I’m the most impatient polisher ever and I pretty much feel like if I buy a polish, it should be usable on its own 🙂

      I think for your problem, practice makes perfect. I was doing some nail art the other day and I was having the same problem – it was very obvious where my base color was… good luck!

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