SinfulColors Having a Blast Collection Review (+ Easy 4th of July Nail Art Ideas!)

SinfulColors Having a Blast July 4th Nail ArtIt’s been insanely hot here in Charlotte this week. We set 2 record highs and it may never rain again! It’s pretty much too hot to do anything. So to say the least it is feeling like summer. And everyone’s favorite summer holiday, Independence Day, is quickly approaching.

Because the 4th of July is all about fireworks, fun and fierce nail polish, SinfulColors came out with a 7 polish collection to get everyone into the American spirit.

Most of this collection is just repromoted polishes but there is a new glitter topper; Star Blast Off, that is absolutely perfect for 4th of July manicures.

Under the jump you will find full reviews of Hot Spot, Star Blast Off, Out of this World, Ruby Ruby and Snow Me White as well as 3 easy nail art ideas you can do with polishes from the Having a Blast collection!

The Having a Blast collection will be in drugstores and mass retailers this summer.


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SinfulColors Hot SpotHot Spot: While SinfulColors calls this a cobalt blue I would describe Hot Spot as a shimmering navy blue. The base isn’t too dark so this polish looks blue even in low lighting and the finish is just shimmery enough.

The formula is a tad bit on the thin side so I did use 3 coats in my swatches.

This is a lovely navy and the finish really makes this polish look (dare I say) expensive.

SinfulColors Hot Spot swatch SinfulColors Hot Spot label

SinfulColors Out of this WorldOut of this World: I was happy to see a silver polish in a 4th of July themed collection. Particularly this one because it’s so lovely on the nail.

I love the SinfulColors description of this polish; perfect silver with swirls of glimmer. It just sounds so whimsical. You know, if nail polish can be called whimsical.

Anyhow. This took a few coats to build up the color but the resulting manicure was worth the effort. And the sparkle is amazing in the sun.

SinfulColors Out of this World swatch SinfulColors Out of this World label

SinfulColors Ruby RubyRuby Ruby: Classic is the only way to describe Ruby Ruby. Well, classic and freaking PERFECT.

Ruby Ruby is a neutral red creme with a super shiny, jelly-creme finish. Gorgeous.

And the formula is perfection; I used just two easy coats in my swatches.

Ruby Ruby certainly isn’t unique (even in the SinfulColors line GoGo Girl is very similar) but is a perfect red for this collection.

Plus, I just love wearing this polish. It looks amazing.

SinfulColors Ruby Ruby swatch SinfulColors Ruby Ruby label

SinfulColors Snow Me WhiteSnow Me White: This is an insanely good white creme polish for $1.99.

SinfulColors describes this as a bright white which is, if course, entirely accurate. The formula is wonderful as it’s a bit on the thick side and used just two coats in my swatches.

Now, generally speaking, I’d never wear a full blow white manicure. So the thick formula is fantastic for nail art.

And of course, you can’t have a 4th of July collection without a white creme!

SinfulColors Snow Me White swatch SinfulColors Snow Me White label

SinfulColors Stars Blast OffStar Blast Off: This is the new polish from the Having a Blast collection that SinfulColors describes as a star-spangled red, white and blue confetti glitter top coat. I had a love affair with glitters like this last summer but this one is different because it has stars in it.

Unfortunately, the red glitter bleeds into the clear base so this can’t be used over a light base. But, I used it over Hot spot in my manicure and used a toothpick to place the star glitter and was very happy with my manicure. Aside from the star glitter the rest of the glitter distributes evenly on the nail.

SinfulColors Stars Blast Off swatch SinfulColors Stars Blast Off label

Sinful Colors Geometric Patriotic Nail ArtGeometric Patriotic Nail Art: This is an easy patriotic manicure that isn’t too over the top YAY AMERICA but holiday appropriate none the less.

I started with a base of Out of this World then with a combination of free handing and a nail art brush I created different geometric shapes alternating between Ruby Ruby and Hot Spot.

The key to this manicure is to put the geometric shapes on different parts of the nail and make them different shapes. That way none of the shapes have to be perfect and none of the nails have to match.

SinfulColors Geometric Patriotic Nail Art SinfulColors Geometric Patriotic Nail Art swatch

SinfulColors Patriotic Waterfall Nail ArtRed, White and Blue Waterfall Manicure: I really like this manicure because it’s a bit abstract. Plus, it kind of reminds me of fireworks and I mean, who doesn’t love fireworks?

Anyhow. I started with a base of Snow Me White. Then with a nail art brush I somewhat haphazardly with a nail art brush added Hot Spot, Ruby Ruby and Out of this World starting at the base of the nail and going a third to half way up the nail with the color. The key to this manicure is to add Out of this World last. It added a bit of sparkle to the manicure and really brought the design together.

SinfulColors Patriotic Waterfall Nail Art swatch

SinfulColors American Flag Nail Art swatchAmerican Flag Nail Art: All the colors you need to create an American flag manicure are in this collection so it had to be done.

Last summer I did American Flag Nails for the 4th of July weekend and I got so many compliments on my nails.

For this Flag Nail Art I used Ruby Ruby as my base on the stripe nails and with nail striping tape blocked off the red and used one coat of Snow Me White before removing the tape. For the “star” nails I used Hot Spot as my base and a dotting tool with Snow Me White to create the dots.

Snow Me White really is an excellent white polish for nail art.

SinfulColors American Flag Nail Art SinfulColors Flag Nail Art




  1. Nice! One thing about Snow Me White though, I’ve noticed it get unusably thick after a month or so, so you have to use thinner regularly. Anyway, great post!

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