Sally Hansen Pearl Crush Summer 2015

Sally Hansen Pearl Crush The Daily VarnishThe Pearl Crush line from Sally Hansen is a special effects collection that has 8 polishes that give the nails an eye catching shimmery finish. These polishes were inspired by the iridescent trend and have a unique combination of pigments that interact with layers of large, faceted glitter particles. The resulting effect is a 3D crushed pearl look that plays off light, lending a lustrous, vibrant look to summer manicures.

Sounds enticing. I couldn’t help myself but try a couple polishes from the line. I picked both a light and dark color to try because I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into.

I have to admit, I’m not sold on these. My manicures were kind of a mess. Plus, I found these polishes hard to work with.

My full review is under the jump. I’m interested to know what y’all t think about the Pearl Crush line and feel free to give me any pointers!

The Pearl Crush line is limited edition and will be available at Target, Ulta and drugstores this summer.


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Sally Hansen Pearl Crush Mer-mintThe 2 polishes I have from this line are Mer-mint and Silver Scallop.

Sally Hansen describes Mer-mint as splashy, soothing seafoam green that is loaded with sea-inspired shimmer and Silver Scallop as a shape shifting silver that appears constantly in motion.

The first polish I tried was Mer-mint. The directions on the back of the bottle say to dab the first coat on the nail then wait one minute before applying a second coat (also using the dabbing technique).  I tried this and found it to be, quite frankly, a disaster. The polish bubbled and was super thick on the nail; forget the polish ever drying. Literally the large glitter kept moving on the nail thanks to gravity and the amount of polish on the nail.

So, I ditched the dabbing technique and applied Mer-mint in a more normal manner. I did 2 to 3 coats per nail in order to get enough glitter on each nail. Each coat has to be fairly thin or the glitter does start to move.

I didn’t have bubbles or any other real issues the second time I used Mer-mint I just didn’t like the way the manicure looked. Plus, as I wore the polish the large glitter popped off.

Sally Hansen Pearl Crush Mer-mint swatch

When it came time to try Silver Scallop I decided to try it over a dark base. So I started with China Glaze Queen B (love that polish) and topped it with Silver Scallop. The result was really quite lovely. Sally Hansen Pearl Crush Silver ScallopIt looked particularly amazing in the sun. But I did have to use more coats of Silver Scallop than I would have liked to get enough of the large glitter on the nail.

And, like with Mer-mint, the glitter did start to pop off randomly after I wore this manicure for a day or so.

So, I just don’t know. While these polishes definitely have potential applying them was a pain and time consuming. That being said, they’re different and fun for a night out or a day at the beach but not practical for a quick or long lasting manicure.

Whatever you do, if you decide to try any polishes from the Pearl Crush line, do not do the dabbing technique recommended on the back of the bottle! Because I can promise you that will end in disaster.

Sally Hansen Pearl Crush Silver Scallop swatch Sally Hansen Pearl Crush Silver Scallop MACRO



  1. I got this in She Sells because it looked soooo pretty in the bottle but I was also slightly disappointed. I wish the glitter was smaller and more dense to really give the crushed pearl look.

    But that reminds me I have Ciate’s crushed sea shell manicure that i want to rock this summer when I don’t need to be using my hands!

  2. I used She Crab as a layering polish over a pink base and it looked pretty that way. It was tricky to apply though as the glitters are iridescent and transparent and you really can’t see them unless the light hits them just so. I had to fish for them too. I had only 2 bits on one accent ring fingernail and 4 on one thumbnail. I am certain these are going to be beautiful and just perfect for the right mani, and can’t wait to see what some more creative nail artist comes up with. I’ve got nothing right now :/

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