Perfect Pair China Glaze No Peeking! & Forever21 Purple CrystalA shimmery purple manicure with some added glitter? Um, yes please!

This manicure is very much the typical Alli manicure before I really got into wearing nail polish. And while I don’t rock purple nails near as much as I used too I still love a good purple manicure!

For this look I started with China Glaze No Peeking! then simply added a little glitter on my ring finger with Forever21 Purple Crystal. It was a simple little manicure but I really loved the final look.

No Peeking! is from the holiday 2014 China Glaze collection but is still available on Amazon. Purple Crystal can be found on the Forever21 website.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump!


Forever21 Purple Crystal and China Glaze No Peeking! China Glaze No Peeking! & Forever21 Purple Crystal

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