SinfulColors Sky Tree

SinfulColors Sky Tree The Daily VarnishNow this is a summer nail polish.

Sky Tree is from the summer 2015 SinfulColors Street Fusion collection and is a stunning sparkling teal. The glass fleck shimmer is so gorgeous and really sparkles in the sun.

With polishes like this I expect a thinner formula but I have to say, Sky Tree’s formula exceeded my expectations. It wasn’t too runny and I only needed 2 coats.

This polish just puts me in a good mood. It’s so much fun and made for a perfect Sunday manicure.

Just a warning….I put this polish on right before I was going out on Saturday night. I was getting a 6 pack of Angry Orchard out of my fridge and messed up my left thumbnail. So, I ran back to where I do my nails, took off the polish on my thumb nail and grabbed Sky Tree and my top coat. When I got to my friend’s house I put polish on my thumb and all was well. That is until I took Sky Tree off. I used a base coat on all my other nails but skipped that step on my thumbnail. NOT A GOOD PLAN ALLI! I still have a teal tinted thumbnail. So definitely use a base coat.

As always there are swatches under the jump. But, as with any polish in this color range, the color accuracy of light box swatches isn’t the best. The cover photo is the most color accurate of any of the swatches.

The SinfulColors Street Fusion collection will be available this summer at Walgreens and Rite Aid!


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  1. Ooohh… I’ll definitely be picking this up when I see a display! They’ve been rather sparse as of late. I love the turquoise shimmer!!!

  2. So pretty. Will definitely pick this up. I’ve been on a teal kick lately and no idea why. But this is really different with that shimmer.

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