Purederm Hand Mask

Purederm Hand MaskIt’s about to get weird here at TDV. Again.

Last month I reviewed the Purederm Fingernail Mask and at the time I thought that was weird. Y’all. The hand mask is SO MUCH WEIRDER. But so fun at the same time.

I ran across this hand mask on the Forever21 website. I was shopping for nail polish when somehow I ended up at the Purederm Hand Mask. It was $2.90 and I was intrigued. So it found its way into my shopping basket.

Basically, this product has 2 gloves that are filled with a gel like, peach scented substance that is supposed to really moisturize your nails, cuticles and hands. Sounds good,

My actual experience was….weird. So I got the gloves out of the packaging and the gloves were freaking HUGE. Seriously, huge. You have to cut off the bottom of the glove to put your hand in the glove. I immediately noticed the scent…it smells like a peachy scent from Bath & Body Works 10 years ago. Not that I don’t like the scent, it’s just a bit dated. If a scent can be dated…

Anyhow. I put on an episode of New Girl (yes, still watching New Girl…I’m almost caught up!) and followed the directions. I wore the gloves for half an hour (by the way, putting them on feels REALLY WEIRD). When I took them off I rubbed whatever was left on my hands in. And I have to say, my hands, nails and cuticles looked really nice.

This hand mask would be really great for a spa night or just a fun way to treat yourself.

You can pick this hand mask from Forever21 and make sure to check out my review of the Purederm Fingernail Mask.

Under the jump you will find all kinds of fun photos (including an ingredients list). But seriously, these gloves are HUGE.


Purederm Hand Mask during Purederm Hand Mask directions Purederm Hand Mask after Purederm Hand Mask ingredients


  1. Thanks for your review of this item. I have recently spotted the foot mask and wondered if you’d tried it?

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