PISTOL polish Dynamo Dreams

PISTOL polish Dynamo Dreams The Daily VarnishOh hey, PISTOL polish. It’s been awhile!

If you don’t know about PISTOL polish let me give you a brief overview. PISTOL polish is a local, Charlotte company that started as a subscription based nail polish company but has now expanded to direct sales. Their polishes are vegan, 5 free and made in the good old USofA.

I love PISTOL polish’s description of this polish.

Just like you our enigmatic indigo hue can’t be easily defined…is it purple? Is it blue? You’re one of a kind, doll, and so is this polish!

One thing is for sure….I can’t do better than that!

Dynamo Dreams has an amazing formula. This could be a one coater though I did use two in my swatches.

This polish is lovely and totally my kind of polish. I don’t that it’s hot, I’m going to rock dark colored nails!

If you so desire you can pick up Dynamo Dreams from the PISTOL polish website.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump!


PISTOL polish Dynamo Dreams PISTOL polish Dynamo Dreams swatch

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