essie Pret-A-Surfer

essie Pret-A-Surfer The Daily VarnishOk, y’all, I freaking LOVE this polish!

Pret-A-Surfer is from the essie 2015 Peach Side Babe collection. It took a backseat to Sunset Sneaks and Chillato because those two polishes are right up my alley. So this one is a bit of a surprise favorite.

essie describes Pret-A-Surfer as a marine blue but depending on the light this polish can look quite purple. At first I thought it might be a dupe of Suite Retreat or Chills & Thrills; but neither are an exact match. Suite Retreat is the closer of the polishes to Pret-A-Surfer but I didn’t think it was close enough to warrant a side by side swatch. I did, however, include a comparison photo of the two polishes in the bottle under the jump.

The formula is quite good though is a smidge runny. I used two coats in my swatches.

I just really love this polish. I’ve already got it on my toes and I’ve used it in several manicures. Pret-A-Surfer is a nice way to do bold color in the summer without going full on neon. I agree with essie; Pret-A-Surfer is summer’s chicest accessory.

The Peach Side Babe collection is currently available at Ulta. Pret-A-Surfer is also included in the mini set for this collection.

As always, there are swatches under the jump!


essie Pret-A-Surfer essie Pret-A-Surfer swatch essie Pret-A-Surfer label essie Pret-A-Surfer vs essie Suite Retreat


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