Wet n Wild – Nuclear War

WetnWild Nuclear WarIf you follow me on instagram, you know my I have about 3 interests lately: Ryan Adams, my new (& constantly evolving) balcony garden, and my ankle. Which two of these things are related!? Obviously the ankle and the garden… though, it’d make a much more interesting story if Ryan Adams was involved with either my ankle or my balcony garden…Anyway, I’ve battling a little cycling injury for about a month and I’ve gotten restless. I’ve always said I want a balcony “jungle” so I decided to go for it! After seeing a few tiny lantana blooms yesterday, I decided I wanted something super bright on my nails and here we are..

After I had such a good experience with Putting on Airs, I wanted to tick the next polish off my wishlist: Nuclear War. It’s another new addition to the Wild Shine line. Nuclear War is a brilliant red orange jelly.

Application was average – the formula was just a tad thicker than I’d like. Not thick enough to warrent thinning it yet, though I probably will. I used three thin coats to get rid of any visible nail lines. For such a simple color, I can’t stop staring at my nails and smiling. That’s 99 cents well spent!

You can pick up this pretty polish at your local drugstore!


katie signature 2015


Wet n Wild - Nuclear War


wet n wild - nuclear war 3

wet n wild - nuclear war 2

WetnWild - Nuclear War Bottle


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