Sally Hansen Gemincello

Sally Hansen Gemincello The Daily VarnishSo remember awhile ago when there was that fake essie Astrology collection photo floating around? My polish in that (fake) collection was essie Mesmerize. I did a post on it and everything! I always thought an astrology based nail polish collection would be fun. Then…

The other day I walked into my local CVS and was immediately greeted by a large new display from Sally Hansen. It was their Cosmopolitan Beachside Astrologer collection for Summer 2015. My birthday is June 14th so I had to check out the Gemini polish.

Initially when I saw that the Gemini polish was yellow I wasn’t all that excited. BUT THEN I saw the name.

There are few things in this world I love more than limoncello. I spent a semester studying in Southern Italy and drank more than my fair share. Therefore it is fate that the polish for my astrological sign is called Gemincello. So I had to pick it up. Clearly!

Gemincello is a soft pastel yellow creme that is surprisingly wearable. The formula is good though I did use 3 coats in my swatches.

Despite not loving this polish in the bottle I really did quite like it once I put it on.

The only place I’ve seen the Beachside Astrologer collection is at CVS though I’m sure it will start showing up in other drugstores soon.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump! And if you’re not a Gemini I included a list of the rest of the polishes in the collection if you’re curious about your sign.


Sally Hansen Gemincello Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Gemincello Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Gemincello label


Sally Hansen Beachside Astrologer Collection


  1. This is a lovely shade of yellow. I think it may be the best one you’ve worn for your skin tone! Fabulous! To bad I don’t have a CVS. I’d love to get the Sagittarius color. It’s right on for me!

    1. This is easily the most flattering yellow for me I’ve come across.

      Hopefully this collection will show up at other drugstores. It’s just such a fun concept!

  2. I saw these at my CVS a couple of days ago and this is the first blog post I’ve seen about any of them! I bought my sign, “Cup O’ Capricorn”, as well as Scorpio Sizzle, Cancer Moon, and Pisces of Me. Haven’t swatched any yet but I love that yellow on you! Thanks Alli!

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