SinfulColors Red Tired

SinfulColors Red Tired The Daily VarnishLast weekend I went to a Charlotte Symphony Orchestra KnightSounds concert. It was A Night In New York and it was fantastic. The KnightSounds series is a less formula classical music program than the normal Classic Series programs I attend. So when I was looking for a nail polish for the occasion I thought Red Tired would be perfect; it’s a classic color but a trendy finish.

Red Tired is a cherry red with what SinfulColors calls a rubberized finish. Essentially the finish is a textured yet slightly shiny finish. I really like the finish. And because it is a textured polish Red Tired wears incredibly well. it survived a morning of weeding and harvesting my herb garden.

The formula is pretty fantastic. I used just two coats in my swatches.

This polish is from the Full Throttle collection that came out last summer that also included Rain Rubber and Race Rubber. Hopefully they’re still available but I’m honestly not sure.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump. The texture on this polish is unique; especially for a drugstore brand.


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SinfulColors Red Tired SinfulColors Red Tired swatch SinfulColors Red Tired label


  1. Nice shade on you. I tried the rubberized finish thing back when Marc Jacobs came out with his polishes. Personally I don’t care for that finish but I think it’s cool that there are now almost as many types of finishes as there are colors!

    1. It really is great that so many textured polishes are available; especially from affordable brands like SinfulColors. I like having options!

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