Color Club Prickly Pear

Color Club Prickly Pear The Daily VarnishOk. So I just want to say that I really did think I was going to love this nail polish.

My love of chartreuse nail polish is well documented on this blog. Every spring when the pollen is EVERYWHERE I get the chartreuse nail polish itch. Plus, I pretty much lived in OPI Life Gave Me Lemons and China Glaze Be More Pacific last summer.

So, when I saw Color Club had a chartreuse polish in their new Desert Valley collection I had to order it immediately.

In the bottle Prickly Pear looks like a lovely creamy chartreuse. Unfortunately this polish just doesn’t look good on the nail. The formula is a jelly and it’s super thin so I needed 4 coats. I will give this polish credit as the finish and shine is absolutely gorgeous.

Last weekend was one of my best friend’s 30th birthday. We went all out and had a fantastic weekend. I was wearing Prickly Pear on Thursday night when I had dinner with her family and a few friends and everyone was so confused by my nails.

That being said, I asked y’all on Instagram if you thought this polish was ugly pretty or just straight up ugly and quite a few of you liked Prickly Pear! So maybe it’s just me.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump and let me know if you think this polish is ugly pretty or just ugly.

If you’re in the ugly pretty category you can pick up Prickly Pear from Amazon.


Color Club Prickly Pear Color Club Prickly Pear swatch Color Club Prickly Pear label


  1. You’re right, that’s a pretty color on the bottle but it doesn’t look that great on the nails. Have you tried it with some white undies? Maybe that will help the color pop a little more?

  2. I am confused: why would you expect to use a jelly to get a solid color of polish? Even though you are just discussing the color, it is not designed to be a creme, rather to be layered with “stuff” in-between the layers, I had thought. You want the color to be thansluscent, I had understood the purpose to be. Did you mean that application was uneven or just that the coverage was not deep enough, please?

    Polish colors are like children; they are what they are. Each one has pluses but is not for every occasion equally. I find this color OK, perhaps with contrast of deep navy, for instance, but for a cheery floral, there are far better combinations, to me, at least.

    Am I wrong in what I just thought about Prickly Pear?

    1. Well, to your first question, I had no way of knowing this was a jelly finish polish. That was not indicated by Color Club. But regardless, there are plenty of jelly polishes that look wonderful on their own. I don’t buy that jelly polishes are made to be layered with things as many just are not. That’s just a nice thing that can be done with jelly finish polishes but not the purpose of jelly polishes.

      I had to use four coats to get the color even. I’m not expecting a full coverage, creme finish from a jelly polish. But I do expect an even color. Good jelly finish polishes will give you a nice manicure in 3 coats.

      Regardless of any of that, the fact is this polish does not look good on my nails. The color is off and the fact that it’s a jelly formula isn’t helping. If this polish was a creme, as I though it was when I purchased it, I imagine this would have been a lovely polish. This just isn’t the type of color that can get away with a jelly finish.

      1. I hate it when jellies aren’t marked as such.
        I also am very picky about which colors I like with a jelly finish– only bright, non muddy colors look good.
        So I agree, this would have been nice as a creme.

  3. I quite agree. The color looks cute in the bottle, but the finish is all wrong. A creme formula would make it so much prettier.

  4. I love jelly and crelly formulas, and I have many jellies that can stand alone very well. But I notice that jellies done in bright, bold, or odd colors really just start looking more weird than pretty, speaking just for my own personal taste. For that reason my jelly wardrobe consists of only pales, nudes, pastels, and a deep red. But this is not a color I would ever wear, in any formula, no matter what my skin tone. To me there is nothing about this nail color that’s even remotely appealing, but again… that’s just me.

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