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essie Vices Versa The Daily VarnishY’all. This nail polish has quite the story.

Vices Versa is from last summer’s Too Taboo Neon collection. I got the entire collection and asked Katie if she wanted any of the polishes. She was insistent on me sending her Vices Versa. So like a good friend I mailed Vices Versa up to Richmond. That was a year ago.

After several attempts Katie just couldn’t deal with this polish. So when I was up in Richmond visiting it came back with me. And now I understand Katie’s frustrations!

Vices Versa is a neon lime green creme. The color is bold but not too overly neon. I quite like the color. The problem with this polish is the formula.

I had to use 3 to 4 coats of this in my swatches. The formula is streaky, not very pigmented and quite thin. Of course, this being a neon it does dry to a semi matte finish. A top coat is required!

Using Vices Versa over white is tricky due to how streaky the formula is. I did’t do any full blow swatches with this polish over white but you can see Vices Versa over white in my Seattle Seahawks manicure.

Vices Versa is still available from Target. But if you’re looking for a bright green I’d keep looking. The formula will make you want to throw this polish out the window.

If you’d like to see some AWESOME neons from this collection check out my reviews on Chills & Thrills, I’m Addicted and Too Taboo.

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essie Vices Versa essie Vices Versa swatch essie Vices Versa label


  1. Good to know, I wanted to get thus polish because I love the color. China Glaze put out a similar color, I’m With The Lifeguard, and it’s streaky, dries somewhat matte, and a pain in the butt too. I guess I’ll keep looking for my perfectly obnoxiously bright lime green.

    1. ‘obnoxiously’…LOL! Very well said, just love obnoxious neons! I’ve learned to forgive a lot of application issues, sometimes you have to take the bad with the good…but if you find the perfect lime please advise! 😉

  2. I think I’ll put it in the good for nail art only basket and skip trying to get a full mani from this. It’s a pretty color though. Maybe it would work for a leadlighting technique?

  3. eh… this collection. i put up with it last summer, and quite a bit. i bought the whole thing except for that blurple chills and thrills bc so many bloggers gave it a negative review and by looking at the bottle in the store (brand new and already separated) i could tell it was gonna be a bad one. most of them, including Vices Versa, never got completely opaque on me.. and i never use a white base with neons. i just won’t do it. i recall doing like 5 coats with one.. maybe it was this one. idk. i stuck it out like a champ, but i may or may not bust them out again this year. we shall see 😉

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