Purederm Fingernail Mask

Purederm Fingernail MaskThis is probably the strangest review I’ve ever done. And I promise this is not another April Fool’s joke!

A couple weeks ago when I was working on my post that included the Forever21 Rose Gold Glitter I was browsing the Forever21 website. Somehow I ran across the Purederm Fingernail Mask. I was immediately intrigued. A fingernail mask? I’d never even heard of such a thing! Being a nail polish junkie obviously good nail care is a requirement. So for $1.90 the Purederm Fingernail Mask went straight into my cart.

When the Purederm Fingernail Mask arrived in my mailbox I learned that Purederm is a Korean skincare brand. I’ve always heard fantastic things about Asian skincare so this seemed like a good sign. I gave the fingernail mask a try that night and the experience was…interesting.

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You can find the Purederm Fingernail Mask on the Forever21 website or you can get a pack of 6 on Amazon.


Purederm Fingernail Mask contentsThe packaging of this product is pretty basic and contains 10 fingernail masks (aka an itty bitty mini glove for each finger or a thimble as the packaging calls them). The masks are in different sizes; 2 large, 6 medium, 2 small and have an obvious top and bottom.


The directions are pretty basic. You are supposed to wash and dry your hands then put on the fingernail masks. Wait 30-60 minutes, remove the masks and viola! You have completely a mini spa treatment.

Purederm Fingernail Mask directions

Anyhow. I was really excited to try these so I took off my nail polish and prepared myself for my first ever fingernail mask treatment. My preparations included removing my nail polish and putting on an episode of New Girl.

When I got the nail masks out of the packaging I immediately noticed they had a nice floral sent but they seemed a bit dry. I purposely picked these up because they are supposed to treat dry, brittle nails with a special blend of argan oil and cococut extract. I wore the fingernail masks for a full hour. (And just a warning; it is impossible to do ANYTHING with these on. I sent a SnapChat with my nose).

Purederm Fingernail Mask 1

Purederm Fingernail Mask 2After a full hour (or 2 episodes of New Girl) I removed the nail masks. I was super skeptical even when I had these on. I just didn’t think there was enough moisture to do anything. But after an hour my nails looked AMAZING!

My nails were nice and moisturized. My cuticles were soft. I seriously couldn’t believe how nice my nails looked.

Yes, I was skeptical but I was pleasantly surprised by the Purederm Fingernail Mask. I don’t think this made a massive difference in my nails but it was a nice treatment and something I would do on occasion to treat myself.

Purederm Fingernail Mask after


And this is officially the strangest thing I’ve ever reviewed! That is until I review the Purederm Hand Mask I ordered.


  1. Lol, I really did think this was another April Fools joke! Im still not entirely sure it isn’t, ha ha. Not to rain on the parade, but the “nice floral smell” is most likely synthetic (artificial) fragrance, which is one of the most toxic cosmetic ingredients. If you’d like to get the same lovely effect 100% naturally, just rub some pure unadulterated Argan oil on bare nails before bedtime, or during the day with gloves. The one by LT Organics (Amazon) is great, and can also be used on skin and hair. Large bottle lasts forever, because you need so little, very economical way to go!

    1. This is totally a real thing. I swear!

      And actually, the ingredients are quite good. I should have included an ingredients list. If I find one online I’ll add it to the post. Asian skincare is really great when it comes to ingredients.

      But it’s packed with all kinds of oils; Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Coconut, Argan etc, etc as well as fruit extract (orange, tomato) which seems to be where the scent is coming from.

      1. It’s possible! If the word “fragrance” isn’t on the label, then you’re golden. I’m an aromatherapist on the side, so it’s hard for me to keep my 2cents to myself, on the topic of natural vs. chemical fragrance. 😉

        1. I totally appreciate the input especially from someone who knows their stuff. It’s always best (in my opinion…) to use things that don’t contain unnecessary chemicals.

          But then again I have a nail polish blog so……. lol

  2. Ps: if you want it to smell good, just add a drop or two of any essential oil to a teaspoon of the Argan oil. I add lavender for sleep, or grapefruit for energy. Other pure oils besides Argan can be used too… Grapeseed, Coconut, Jojoba, even Olive oil from your kitchen.

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