Nail Art: DIY Gravel Manicure

DIY Gravel ManicureIt’s been ages since I’ve done a DIY! Mostly that’s because nail polish trends have really gone towards creme finish polishes. Nude nails in particular have been really popular and on trend.

It seems every time summer rolls around textured manicures make their way back into the conversation. This summer’s textured manicures are really earthy and natural.

Luckily this is a really easy and inexpensive look to recreate at home. All you need is a brownish gray nail polish (I used OPI You Don’t Know Jacques) and Chunky Embossing Powder in a similar color (I got aged silver). Make sure to the embossing powder is labeled chunky to get the most realistic looking gravel nails. I picked mine up at Michaels but similar products can be found on Amazon.

To achieve the gravel nails look all you  have to do is apply one coat of your base color and let that dry. Next apply a thick coat of your base color one nail at a time and dip your finger into the Chunky Embossing Powder jar (much like you’re digging in gravel). Lift your finger out of the jar and while still holding your hand over the jar press the chunks into your nail polish base and brush away the excess (a fan brush from a nail art set works really well for this).

Now, obviously this is a short term manicure. It’ll last for a night out (be careful not to rip your clothes though!) but the “gravel” pieces won’t hold for much longer than that. Certainly don’t try to wash your hair or really do much of anything with your hands while rocking (see what I did there) this look.

Make sure to check out my gravel manicure under the jump and let me know what you think about the gravel nails trend!


Gravel Nail Art


And please do not do this to your nails.

But lets not forget there were some ridiculous real nail trends like the Caviar Manicure. the Shell Manicure and the Velvet Manicure.


  1. OMG Y’all! That was a good trick! Just so close to be one of those weird trends. I think I dig this one to some of the real ones!

    1. Right? I was looking at my nails and all I could think was “wow, this really isn’t all that worse than those shell or caviar manicures!”

  2. Lol! I was totally believing this right up till the very end, and I was thinking to myself ” wow, I find this really ugly, so I wonder if I’m just getting too old and out of touch with the new beauty standards.”

  3. Yuck. Totally fooled me. I call it ‘The Belugaria Effect’. Since then I’ve been ready to believe anything…

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