Pure Ice What’s the Splatter

Pure Ice What's the Splatter The Daily VarnishI gotta say; Pure Ice is KILLIN it with their New Year New Hue collection. Poppin Bottles is straight up amazing and an absolute must have. Plus, I really enjoyed the color tints. I can now add What’s the Splatter to my list of Pure Ice wins!

What’s the Splatter contains matte white and black hex glitter of varying sizes suspended in a clear base. The glitter disperses evenly on the nail and the clear base isn’t too thick. This is an awesome glitter top coat and it’s only $1.97.

I used one and a half coats of What’s the Splatter over essie Petal Pushers. I say one and a half because some nails did need a little extra glitter after just one coat.

Pure Ice polishes are available at Wal-Mart.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump!


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  1. Pure Ice tends to have a lot of awesome shades, and I love that cheaper brands are hopping on board with all these awesome glitters. 😀

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