deborah lippmann Love in the Dunes (+ a comparison to OPI Parlez-vous OPI?)

deborah lippmann Love in the Dunes The Daily VarnishThe first day of spring may have only been last Friday but I’ve already got a summer collection to share!

For summer 2015 deborah lippmann has a new limited edition collection; Painted Desert. It is inspired by the Sahara desert where the sun blazes, the sky glows and the sand swelters. The collection features 4 full coverage polishes that reflect the desert’s remarkable beauty and rich, earthy landscape.

I gotta say when I first laid eyes on this collection I was immediately in love. The colors are gorgeous, effortless and chic.

Of course, me being me, the first polish I wanted to try was Love in the Dunes. It is a full coverage purple mauve creme. And let me tell you, when deborah lippmann says full coverage she means full coverage.

Love in the Dunes could very well be a one coater but I did use two in my swatches. The formula is smooth and an absolute dream to work with. It is worth noting the color dries a couple shades darker on the nail than it appears in the bottle. Which brings me to my next topic; whether this is a dupe for OPI Parlez-vous OPI?.

Parlez-vous OPI? is an old favorite and a cult classic. Initially I thought Love in the Dunes may be, if not a dupe, very close to Parlez-vous OPI?. But, as it turns out, because Love in the Dunes dries darker on the nail it is much more gray than Parlez-vous OPI?. For those interested I did include a comparison under the jump.

I’m so excited about this collection from deborah lippmann. What I always love about deborah lippmann collections is that they are cohesive; this polish look good together as well as by themselves.

The Painted Desert collection will be available at Nordstrom and Sephora in May!

As always, there are swatches under the jump.


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deborah lippmann Love in the Dunes deborah lippmann Love in the Dunes swatch deborah lippmann Love in the Dunes label OPI Parlez-vous OPI vs deborah lippmann Love in the Dunes bottles OPI Parlez-vous OPI vs deborah lippmann Love in the Dunes


  1. This color is so pretty!! The question mark at the end of PVOPI? throws me off, I had to read the paragraphs twice, lol. Has there ever been a dupe for PVOPI? I don’t want to spend $50 or more on a bottle of it, but the colors for both of these polishes look beautiful!!

  2. I am a woman in my 60s who likes to buy nail polish. I read all the blogs and really love to go “dusty hunting”. I have a bottle of Parlez-Vous OPI, that I would gladly wrap up and send to you, Ari. (if you tell me exactly how to do it) Someone my age really doesn’t need to wear a deep mauvish nail polish. I am trying to get out of my nail polish obsession and just wear nude colors. I have a shameful number of bottles.

  3. why won’t OPI just re-release Parlez-Vous OPI? I am so regretting not buying it back in the day and instead just wearing it with salon manicures.

    1. OPI is weird about that stuff. They used to do featured colors every once in awhile that were rereleases but I haven’t seen that in awhile.

      Eventually they’ll just repackage it and call it a different name.

    2. I actually emailed them and begged them to put it out in the InfiniteShine line. Their response was something along the lines of ‘we discontinue shades that don’t have enough interest’. Apparently they are clueless. I explained that remaining bottles are going for $50+ online. I even asked them to just rebottle it & call it something else since the shade is pretty much totally on trend in 2016-17.

    1. It’s amazing how different this polish dried on the nail. I need to check and see how close those polishes are to Love in the Dunes. I’ve got both in my stash,

  4. And Vicki if you are just giving it away, I would love Parlez Vous (if Ari doesn’t that is – not trying to steal it).

  5. I always have a weird thing against this shade, reminds me of a bruise. But can you please swatch Shifting Sands? Looks so lovely in the bottle!

  6. Thank you so much for the review, and comparison. Your blog is always an inspiration, even though I can’t often buy the polishes you review. They often go onto my wish list, just in case they may be available somewhere in Australia. At the moment I’m having to take a break from nail polish and nail art because of a disaster 2 weeks ago (see my blog for explanation), but at least I can still look at all the marvelous reviews and nail art ideas by you and your fellow nail polish bloggers. Please keep them coming because in a couple of months I’ll be able to start again.

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