essie Petal Pushers

essie Petal Pushers The Daily VarnishSpring officially arrives this week (thank goodness!). The weather has been warming up a bit so I’ve found myself reaching for a lot of what I’d call transitional polish colors. Petal Pushers is an absolutely perfect transition polish.

Part of the Flowerista collection, essie describes Petal Pushers as a cool rain slate with red and blue undertones. Or, we can just call it a violet gray creme. However you want to describe it Petal Pushers is lovely. I enjoy cool toned grays as they work well with my skintone (yellow or warm toned grays really bring out the red in my skintone).

The formula is a bit thin. I did use three coats in my swatches.

Petal Pushers is a lovely transition color as well as spring gray. If you’re like me and your wardrobe is full of a lot of color this is a great polish as it really compliments a spring color palette. So much so I even did a little spring nail art with Petal Pushers and Blossom Dandy (another polish from the Flowerista collection).

The Flowerista collection is currently available at Nordstrom and Ulta. Petal Pushers can also be found on Amazon. The Flowerista mini set also includes Petal Pushers.

As always, there are swatches under the jump.


essie Petal Pushers essie Petal Pushers swatch essie Petal Pushers label



      1. The polish is pretty. I like elephants, but I don’t qualify them as pretty. But I can think of elephants that really do seem to be this color; Dumbo and his mother! Now he was a pretty elephant, big baby blue eyes, so cute. I can’t watch that movie without crying.

  1. this is lovely on you! it looks very blue on my screen. Flattering, seasonless, very chic! It is tough to find a well balanced grey but I think Essie does a good job on them. Thinking of Cashmere Bathrobe, that is classic as well!

  2. This looks very nice–I may just have to get it! Looks like another good candidate for Poppin’ Bottles to help enhance, as well.

    1. I think Poppin Bottles would look good on about anything. That being said, it would look lovely over Petal Pushers! I need to try that.

  3. Oh so “classic with some edge” … nice! Reminds me a little of Dior’s Juno, or the darker and moodier sister of NARS Galathee.

    1. Classic with an edge is a good description! I always call these kinds of colors “new classics” but that’s a bit played out at this point.

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