St. Patrick’s Day Manicure 2015

St. Patrick's Day Manicure 2015Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

I hope everyone is wearing green today. When I was a kid I didn’t like green much (still not one of my favorite colors) so my parents always told me that since my last name was Fitzpatrick I didn’t have to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. I have no idea where that story originated but I do know no one believed me when I told them that. To say the least I started sucking it up and wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day because getting pinched is no fun!

This manicure incorporates just a little bit of green. So, if like me, you don’t love green this manicure is for you. I also kept it simple and didn’t add any obvious St. Patrick’s Day things like shamrocks or pots of gold. I was going for a clean, simple manicure and I think I achieved that.

For a base I used essie Urban Jungle. I wanted something off white. Then I used essie Mojito Madness and a nail art brush (my eBay nail art brush set is still going strong!) to add Mojito Madness at the base and on the sides of the nails.

I absolutely love this manicure. The green is subtle yet stands out. Dare I say it’s even chic? I was wearing this manicure on Sunday when I had the family over for a big St. Patrick’s Day dinner and even my mom commented on how much she liked my nails.

Anyway. I’ll stop blabbing! There are swatches under the jump as well as links to other St. Patrick’s Day themed manicures I have done over the years.


St. Patrick's Day mani St. Patrick's Day nails St. Patrick's Day Manicure swatch


Essie St. Patrick's Day Manicure


  1. That is a very nice manicure. I like the combo of the off white with the green. II really need to try a ruffian manicure, I really like the look of this. I was never a green wearer either, and I remember we used to make little paper shamrocks from green construction paper and pin those to our clothing to prevent those dreaded pinches since I was a purple girl and didn’t even own anything remotely green. These days I wear my emeralds all the time so i don’t have to own green clothing. Which I still don’t own any green. i would think a great surname like Fitzpatrick which clearly has Patrick in it should have spared you the pinching. i would have believed you.

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