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Zoya - Sage (bottle)Happy Monday! Today will be fabulous. Let me tell you, last Monday was rough. Actually, the entire week was rough – I adore daylight savings and more… daylight but the transition is brutal! Please tell me I wasn’t the only one struggling last week? Friday marks the beginning of Spring and I have lots of beautiful polish to show you, but first – my second transitional polish.

This is the first Zoya transitional polish I’ve tried. The Naturel Satin collection is their third transitional collection. I skipped out on the previous two: Naturel and Naturel 2, but I just couldn’t say no to trying out a new finish. I love the soft neutral colors in all 3 collections.

I asked you guys which Naturel Satin polish I should try and Haley from Polished at Heart said I should try Sage – and here we are! Sage is a mossy sage green and actually reminds me of a satin version of Essie’s Sew Psyched. I’m in love with the color, it’s so calming and serene.

I feel like a lot of people like matte and satin finishes but are put off by their notoriously bad wear time. I’ve worn this polish several times and the wear is awesome. Seriously. I made it 4 days without any serious chipping – that’s pretty fabulous in satin/matte land. I started off with Julep’s Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat and then applied two coats of Sage. I made sure to add in a little extra dry time between coats. My middle nail shows some imperfections, it’s currently rebelling, the finish is very smooth.

Zoya nail polish retails for $9 and you can grab the Naturel Satin Collection on Zoya.com – they also have ADORABLE mini versions for $5. I love little mini polishes (except for OPI, because they don’t have labels. That drives me crazy). Zoya is also available at Ulta and my guess is, like the MatteVelvets, they’ll be on the clearance rack eventually…

Now I’m ready to jump back into Spring polish, what spring (or summer) collection are you most excited about? Let me know below!

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Zoya - Sage (sun)

zoya - sage (shade)

Zoya - Sage (lightbox)


  1. I love this beautiful sage color. And will most definitely be adding it to the ever growing Zoya wish list. I’m most excited for Friday. I love spring, well I shall rat on myself. I’m a season of all kinds lover. But the 1st day of spring is special. It’s my wedding anniversary. Scary to admit, but these short few days out. I have no manicure idea. So I will be checking back for some inspiration. 🙂 I hope you girls have a great week!

  2. I just used this yesterday in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day! It’s my first time using a Satin polish, too, and I love it! I also painted some nails with Zoya’s green Pixie Dust (Chita). Yay for luck of the Irish! 😀

  3. Feminine and graceful shade. Quite nice on you, but not my kind of green. I find I have to be careful with some greens, they can be as tricky as yellows to wear. My St Patrick’s polish will be Here Today Aragon Tomorrow by OPI. Also a yellowish green, but a blackened woodsy shade that I can get away with wearing.

    Maritime Canada was whomped again, a St Paddy’s Day storm…the bank in front of our home has now topped eighteen feet. Most of the windows on the ground floor are drifted over. The house is so dark! After Tuesday, I wear nothing but Caribbean style neons…

    1. I was JUST thinking of switching my nails to Here Today Aragon Tomorrow! It’s such a pretty shade. I wish I’d been able to get my hands on the Suede version.

      Oh gosh – that sounds kind of scary! Stay safe & bring on the neons!

  4. My St. Pat’s shade will have to be Butter London’s Jack the Lad, even though it’s not Kelly green. Zoya loves them some sage, no?!… they have a glossy sage too, and a pixi dust sage. I love sage too, and I love Zoya, and I’m starting to love satin finishes, so I may “need” this one. 🙂

    1. Zoya definitely loves this shade of green – as do I 🙂

      I find Kelly green so hard to wear – something about it is really off putting – Alli loves it and wears it so well though.

      I just looked up Jack the Lad – it’s really pretty – two thumbs up from me!

  5. Wait, I changed my mind. I think I’m gonna go with Julep’s Etta… more spring-time, and soooo gorgeous, no?

  6. 1 – This color is stunning on you and reiterates that I need this! It looks very serene.
    2 – Thanks for the shout out love! My Favorite blog right here! 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you! I really like it. I wish my nails were in better shape – that pesky middle nail… it’s already on the reswatch list. But I know I’ll be wearing this a lot.

      I love calming colors – sage greens, dusty blues… gimme gimme more!

      I have to give you shout outs somewhere since you’re abstaining from twitter. Hurry, hurry, come back!

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