Perfect Pair: OPI Do You Take Lei Away? & Pure Ice Poppin Bottles

Perfect Pair OPI Do You Take Lei Away & Pure Ice Poppin BottlesNude polish is all the rage. And even though I am (somewhat reluctantly) on board with the nude manicure trend I’m always trying to add something to my manicures to make them a bit more unique and interesting.

The approach I took for this manicure was to add some glitter. But instead of doing an accent nail or a gradient I decided to try color blocking (if you will…) the glitter.

I was already wearing OPI Do You Take Lei Away? and wanted to keep the manicure looking clean and nude. So, I reached for one of my favorite glitters ever; Pure Ice Poppin Bottles.

To get this look I blocked off the bottle half of my nail with tape then applied a heavy handed coat of Poppin Bottles to the top half of my nails. The result was a lovely nude manicure with just a little bling. The glitter was subtle (which was of course what I was going for) but really made the manicure feel different.

As always, there are swatches under the jump!


Pure Ice Poppin Bottles and OPI Do You Take Lei Away OPI Do You Take Lei Away and Pure Ice Poppin Bottles OPI Do You Take Lei Away and Pure Ice Poppin Bottles swatch


  1. I really like how you did the glitter. I am slowly, but surely, coming around to liking a few nudes in certain tones. I already like doing the glitter sparingly, like you did. Combining the two gives the mani a little oomph!

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