essie Flowerista (+ a comparison to OPI Pamplona Purple)

essie Flowerista The Daily VarnishY’all, if spring doesn’t show up in Charlotte soon I’m going to have to move back to Alabama. This is getting ridiculous! Luckily the essie spring 2015 Flowerista collection has landed. The 5 piece collection has me dreaming of warmer weather. I picked up 3 from the collection and just couldn’t wait to get some spring color on my nails!

Flowerista, the namesake polish for the collection, is a rich, plum creme. The color is lovely though my immediate thought was this polish belongs in 2014. It’s very reminiscent of radiant orchid.

The formula is fantastic; I used just 2 coats in my swatches.

When I was wearing Flowerista it felt so familiar. At first I thought it was just because radiant orchid was EVERYWHERE last year. But, as it turns out, an old favorite from OPI, Pamplona Purple, is a very close, almost dupe of Flowerista. While Pamplona Purple is still available on Amazon I figured a lot of y’all might already have Pamplona in your collection. The two are so close I would not pick up Flowerista if you already have Pamplona Purple. Worth noting, Color Club Ms. Socialite is another that is very close to Flowerista.

The Flowerista collection is currently available at Nordstrom and Ulta. There is also an adorable mini set that you can pick up from Nordstrom.

Under the jump you will find swatches of Flowerista as well as a comparison to Pamplona Purple.


essie Flowerista essie Flowerista swatch essie Flowerista label essie Flowerista vs OPI Pamplona Purple essie Flowerista vs OPI Pamplona Purple bottles


  1. That color is beautiful!! And thank you so much for showing us a dupe, I really appreciate that!! It saves me from trying to guess and see if I have something similar in my collection already! 🙂

  2. Yes, very orchidy. Orchid is one of those colors that I like in the bottle, but not so much on my warm skin tone… plus it’s such a traditional early 1980’s nail polish color that it kinda makes me feel like an old lady, since I was actually wearing it back then. On you, though, it’s a pretty look.

  3. I missed that it was a dupe as well. I still haven’t worn the OPI Pamplona I bought last year. I bought two bottles of the Flowerista – one for my daughter because we didn’t want to fight over it. LOL! And then it’s way more purple than the berry I thought it was. Oh, well. I am going to wear it anyway. It does look lovely on you.

    1. I hate it when I find out I have dupes in my collection only after I’ve purchased new nail polish. So frustrating! The good news is this is certainly a classic color so you’ll get a lot of wear out of both the essie and OPI 🙂

  4. Gorgeous color! Also almost exactly the same as L’oreal’s Violet Vixen from a collection a couple years or so ago. This is an all-season type of shade for me.

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