Snow Day Manicure 2015

Snow Day ManicureThis past week Charlotte experienced the most disappointing snow storm OF ALL TIME. I woke up, looked out the window and instead of seeing 10 inches of snow I saw…nothing. It was wet. Like gross, slushy wet.

But, since the meteorologists were predicting so much snow much of Charlotte had an unnecessary snow day. Or, as clever people were calling it, a sNOw day.

Due to the fact that I was fully expecting a snow day I did a manicure in honor of the occasion. Perhaps I should have called this post a slush day manicure but that doesn’t sound near as fancy.

Anyhow. On to the manicure! For a base I used SinfulColors Cinderella (oh so appropriate with all the Cinderella talk thanks to the new movie but Maybelline Frozen is a dupe for Cinderella and would have gone better with the snow day theme…). Then I added some more sparkle with OPI Snow Globetrotter. Instead of using this glitter all over the nail I focused the glitter on the top half of the nail.

I really love the way this manicure turned out. It made for a great sNOw day manicure!

As always, there are swatches under the jump!


SinfulColors Cinderella and OPI Snow Globetrotter OPI Snow Globetrotter and SinfulColors Cinderella SinfulColors Cinderella and OPI Snow Globetrotter swatch

What do you think?