Pure Ice Color Tints

Pure Ice color tintsWith their New Year New Hue collection Pure Ice has come out with some really interesting and unique polishes. I’m seriously obsessed with Poppin Bottles; a glitter top coat from the collection.

Today I’m going to share the color tints from the New Year New Hue collection. There are 3; Rosy Glow, Blue Hue and Purple Haze and all are a similar concept. Each provides a hint of color and iridescent glitter.

Under the jump you will find my thoughts on all 3 of the color tints. I included a swatch of these on their own where I used 3 coats of each of the color tints. While I would never wear these on their own it gives you a good idea of the color and opacity of the tint.

Pure Ice polishes are available exclusively at Wal-Mart, retail for $1.97 and are 3 free.


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Pure Ice Color Tints swatches

Pure Ice Rosy GlowRosy Glow: This is the first of the color tints I tried. I adore red nails; they are classic and chic. But, I was wearing Color Club Frozen Daiquiri and wanted to add a little something to it. I used one coat of Rosy Hue over Frozen Daiquiri. The result was a lovely red manicure with just a splash of glitter.

Rosy Hue is the  most pigmented out of the 3 color tints though you can’t tell in this manicure. The formula is wonderful. It’s easy to work with and deposits a good amount of glitter. Though, it is worth  noting, Rosy Glow contains the least amount of glitter of all the color tints.

Pure Ice Rosy Glow swatch Pure Ice Rosy Glow MACRO

Pure Ice Blue HueBlue Hue: In the bottle I thought this was going to be another SinfulColors Hottie or OPI Last Friday Night but, as it turns out, while similar Blue Hue can stand on its own.

Blue Hue has a subtle hint of blue with iridescent glitter. I used one coat of Blue Hue over butter LONDON Royal Navy and the result was absolutely gorgeous. I could not stop staring at my nails!

The formula was good though slightly thicker than Rosy Hue and Purple Haze.

Pure Ice Blue Hue swatch Pure Ice Blue Hue MACRO

Pure Ice Purple HazePurple Haze: The 5 years ago version of myself would have been so freaking obsessed with Purple Haze I would have never worn anything else. It’s purple. It has glitter. It is perfection.

While the 2015 version of myself likes Purple Haze I’m not quite obsessed.

Purple Haze is the least pigmented of the 3 color tints with just a subtle purple tint. But, to make up for that, Purple Haze has the most glitter. Good trade off if you ask me!

The formula is good though I did have a little bit of trouble with bubbling. But as long as I tapped my finger on a hard surface after adding Purple Haze I had no bubble issues.

I used one coat of Purple Haze over Orly Saturated. This was a really lovely manicure. I love how even though there is clearly a lot of glitter on the nail it’s still subtle.

Pure Ice Purple Haze swatch Pure Ice Purple Haze MACRO

Final Thoughts: I really like these color tints. They are a nice way to add some noticeable sparkle to a manicure without going over the top.

It is worth noting that the glitter is not the same in these three polishes (initially, just looking at the bottles, I thought the glitter was the same). While similar, each polish has glitter that is tailored to the base color.

Likely, I will get the most use out of Blue Hue. So if I had to pick a favorite I’d pick Blue Hue. But, all of these are great and they are incredible affordable. I’d just get all 3!

What do you think?