China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat

China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat COVERY’all. I just don’t know about this top coat. Sometimes I quite like it. Then other times it straight up pisses me off! It’s just an unhealthy situation. But, let me explain.

This top coat comes with quite the lofty claims. It is supposed to be able to penetrate multiple layers of polish and dry in seconds. It is also, of course, supposed to extend the life of your manicure and dry to a brilliant shine.

Well, here’s the thing. The only thing I have found true is that it dries to a brilliant shine.

When I first apply this top it looks lovely. Even for a short time after I apply this top coat my nails look absolutely stunning. And then all the disappointment happens.

Assuming I use this over a regular manicure (meaning a base coat, 2 coats of polish, then top coat) the only issue I experience is seriously quick chipping. Within a day I have significant chipping with this top coat.

But, my real issues are when I’m doing a manicure that’s a bit more complicated; meaning a coat of glitter or a polish that requires more than 2 coats. This is supposed to be a fast dry top coat yet hours later the polish will still dent. When my manicure finally dries the shrinkage at the tips looks awful. Like Seche Vite shrinkage. I hate it!

I have been using this top coat since the beginning of the year so I’ve tried it over all kinds of polishes and unfortunately I just can’t recommend this top coat. I will continue to use it for swatching but not if I want to get any kind of extended wear out of my manicure.

One other thing worth noting about this top coat is the smell; it has an extremely odd scent.

There are a lot of people who do like this top coat and it is available at Sally Beauty and on Amazon. But, I’d highly recommend checking out the China Glaze No-Chip Top Coat instead of this one.

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  1. I have a love-hate relationship with Out the Door. Love the shine and no shrinkage but it takes forever to dry on my hands. I so understand…heehee.

  2. I always swipe Fast Forward over the tip edge of my nail first and then apply a generous amount to my nail. So far I don’t have shrinkage or chipping and I’m pretty hard on a manicure because I sew and do crafts. Then again, I usually change my polish after 3 days because my nails grow fast and I get bored with the color.

    1. A lot of people like this top coat. It’s really popular and, for the most part, has great reviews. For one reason or another it just didn’t work for me.

  3. Are you familiar with a Barielle Essentials top coat and how it works? It’s a frosted bottle, with red lettering, and a silver cap. Unfortunately, I’ve thrown away the box and have never tried it. Thanks!

  4. Thanks so much for this honest review. This is one top coat I will stay away from for sure. I have the same problem with shrinkage with Seche Vite, and the only time I use it now is if I’m doing several reviews in one or two days. I hate the shrinkage, and the edges always seem hard and raised, not smooth like most others. I look forward to your posts, and always know I’m going to get something interesting to check out here.

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