OPI Do You Take Lei Away? (+ a comparison to essie Topless & Barefoot)

OPI Do You Take Lei Away COVERThe east coast may be in the middle of Snowmageddon but all I can think about is spring nail polish.

Hawaii is OPI’s latest location minded collection for Spring 2015. As expected, many of the colors are bright and fun (and there’s one, Pineapples Have Peelings Too!, is quite unusual), but today I have the nude from the collection. I’ve (shockingly) been sort of in to nude polishes lately so Do You Take Lei Away caught my eye (plus the name is so damn clever).

Do You Take Lei Away? is a light beige creme that, on many people, would pass as a nude. The formula is fantastic. I used just two coats in my swatches.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the best polish for me. I prefer a pink nude (like essie Topless & Barefoot or nails inc. Bamboo White). I included a comparison below the jump just for comparison purposes. If you aren’t quite as pale and cool toned as me I would highly recommend Do You Take Lei Away?.

The OPI Hawaii collection is currently available at Ulta. Do You Take Lei Away? is also available on Amazon.

There are swatches under the jump.


OPI Do You Take Lei Away OPI Do You Take Lei Away swatch OPI Do You Take Lei Away label OPI Do You Take Lei Away vs Essie Topless & Barefoot


  1. I’m warm toned, so I think this might work on me, but… there are only about 9 million dupes for this shade out there in polish land… did the world really need yet another one?

      1. Oh! Got it. Lay away, lol… Talk about a dinosaur of a marketing concept… Do any stores even offer lay away anymore? I thought that died out with woolworths and Montgomery ward, but for all I know it’s still going on.

        1. I can’t remember what store it was but someone started doing lay away again not long ago.

          As a 90’s kid I still remember my mom putting stuff on lay away. Mostly for Christmas so we wouldn’t find stuff around the house, lol.

      2. I remember those days very well. Used to do it myself years ago, and it was a great way to buy things you couldn’t afford straight away. Pity it’s not used more these days. People wouldn’t get into so much debt.

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