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Zoya - Posh + SavitaSurprise! In honor of Friday Eve, I thought I’d bring you a two-in-one post! I know everyone is drooling over the Zoya Transitional Satin Collection but I am still falling head over heels for the Rereleased for 2014: Zoya Matte polishes. I PROMISE I’ve learned my lesson this time: stop resisting trends! You know…like the Zoya Matte Velvets, textured polish, the color green…

My first two purchases were kind of obvious – black and red: Posh and Dovima. But, while I was strolling around Ulta last weekend, I saw some of the mattes on clearance and picked up Savita for $4.97! Score! Posh is a bold cool toned red and Savita is an absolutely regal medium purple.

I really love these polishes & I may even love them more than my beloved OPI Suede polishes. The finish is perfect. Zoya added just the right amount of shimmer to keep them from being flat and they look so soft I find myself just touching my nails – that’s so weird, right?

For both Savita and Posh I used 2-3 thin coats. Keeping your coats thin is important since the polish dries so quickly. Thicker coats can lead to polish filled streaks (that sort of sounds like a disease…).  Nail imperfections will show through, but the Matte Velvets don’t magnify the problem like metallic polishes, for example which is great for me. I have my fair share of imperfections – especially my middle nail.

Go take a look around your local ULTA to see if you can find these on clearance. You can also order them from zoya.com. The Matte Velvet Sampler retails for $54, and single Matte Velvet polishes for $9 (Posh, Savita). Prices vary by polish on Amazon.

I also plan on ordering two of the new Zoya Naturel Satin polishes – which ones would you like to see most? Let me know!

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Zoya - Posh

Zoya - Posh

Zoya - Savita

Zoya - Savita






      1. Ok, good to know. I found a side-by-side comparison of the two polishes online, and shade wise they seem to be very very close.

    1. Ohhh I like greens well enough now – especially weird shades, it just took me forever to fully embrace the green scene. I may or may not have just ordered Veruschka. Sage is definitely one I had my eye on, so it’s a likely pick 🙂 Harlow is so pretty, I’ll probably acquire it as well.

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