Perfect Pair: SinfulColors Winterberry & SinfulColors Love Sprinkles

Perfect Pair SinfulColors Winterberry & SinfulColors Love SprinklesIt’s been a SinfulColors heavy week here on TDV. I would apologize but I love this manicure so much I just couldn’t wait to share it!

I love Valentine’s Day so I like to take the opportunity to wear hearts and pink. But, that does get old. Pretty fast. So this is a manicure I did to still be in the spirit of Valentine’s Day but using a different color palette.

For the base color I used one of my favorite SinfulColors polishes; Winterberry. Then I used SinfulColors Love Sprinkles and carefully placed heart glitter on the base of some nails then just added a coat of Love Sprinkles to the other nails (careful not to get any heart glitter on those nails).

I absolutely love this manicure. The mix of the expected (the hearts) and the unexpected (the purple base color) makes this manicure unique.

As always, there are swatches under the jump!


SinfulColors Love Sprinkles and SinfulColors Winterberry SinfulColors Winterberry and SinfulColors Love Sprinkles SinfulColors Valentine's Day Manicure


  1. Oh I LOVE it. It’s pretty and perfect for Valentine’s Day without being syrupy. Really lovely. Figures, two SC polishes I don’t have…yet.

  2. I’m obsessed with Love Sprinkles! Unfortunately, my Walgreens went straight to St. Patrick’s Day with their LE displays. 🙁

  3. Just picked up the last bottle of Love Sprinkles at my Walgreens when I went to reference your previous mani. Saw this one, fell in love, and looked for Winterberry. Unfortunately, they didn’t have it. It’s not even one of their color chart stickers.

    1. That confirms what I feared; SC is no longer making Winterberry. Hopefully they will eventually repromote it!

      I’m glad you found Love Sprinkles; it seems like that polishes can be a bit difficult to find.

  4. This is just beautiful. I rarely purchase sinful colors forgetting them in favor of my julep, Deb Lipman, Zoya, but catching up on swatches from your site has convinced me to branch out and try several “new to me” brands. I couldn’t be more pleased. And these sinful colors polishes will be on my new order list. Love how you did the manicure. Thx!

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