Pixi Amethyst Amore

Pixi Amethyst Amore COVERI was so excited when this polish arrived in my mailbox. This is my kind of color. It’s bold and a bit unexpected yet totally chic at the same time.

Amethyst Amore was inspired by the month of February’s birthstone; amethyst. It is a lovely medium blue with distinct purple undertones. It is incredibly similar to OPI Indignantly Indigo.

The formula is absolutely fantastic. It leans towards the thick side and is incredibly pigmented. Amethyst Amore could easily be a one coater but using just one coat of polish freaks me out a bit so I did use two.

This is a limited edition polish from Pixi so if you see it at your local Target grab it while you can!

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump.


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Pixi Amethyst Amore Pixi Amethyst Amore swatch Pixi Amethyst Amore label


  1. What a beautiful shade of blue. Although no one here in Canada is making too distant plans to go to Target for anything…
    Would look lovely with OPI’s Pirouette my Whistle!

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