SinfulColors – Pinky Glitter

SinfulColors - Pinky GlitterI was feeling rather ornery yesterday, so I had a mini Superbowl rebellion. No green and blue, mini footballs, or otherwise superbowl-y manicures for me. I decided to go super girly with pink(y) glitter. After all, Valentine’s day is less than two weeks away. I’m not overly excited by Valentine’s day either, but I like pink and hearts and glitter and sweets. Oh! Look at the card & goodies Alli sent! She also sent Pinky Glitter! Pinky Glittter has been around for years, but it’s part of this year’s Flirt with Hearts display. The collection only has one new polish: Love Sprinkles.

Anyway this polish is adorable. Iridescent glitter set in a hot pink base. Yes! From the bottle to the nail it lightens up a bit – which I like. I used three thin coats and while I still have slight visible nail lines, I don’t find them off putting. You do need a coat or two of top coat for a smooth finish.

I think Pinky Glitter is a must have for the girly girl and tween. How cute would it look all wrapped up in a little Valentine’s Day goodie bag? SinfulColors polishes retail for $1.99 but they’re on sale almost monthly for .99 at Walgreen’s.


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Sinful Colors - Pinky Glitter

SinfulColors - Pinky Glitter 2



  1. I couldn’t resist picking up a bottle of this when I got the Love Sprinkles. I loves me some pink, and then add pretty iridescence in with it – Yeah!

    1. If it makes you feel better….I have a confession. I’m 99% sure i owned this at once point – I don’t know where it went – maybe I lost it or gave it away but I didn’t swatch it so… who knows? I’m so glad I have it now. It’s just such a fun carefree polish – it makes me happy 🙂

  2. I love Pinky Glitter! My all-time favorite SC polish. I go through a full bottle of this a year; I hope they never stop making it! This was one of the first SC polishes my sweet little son got for me (a birthday present, I think).

    Also: try it as a topper (over peach, yellow, white, blue, grey, black etc etc)! You can get fantastic effects, it’s the polish of a hundred faces!

    1. Oh!! I’d never thought to try it over anything other than pink – I’ll definitely be trying it out – thanks for the suggestion!!

      I love that your son gave this to you, that’s adorable <3.

  3. I have Hottie and Nail Junkie, which are blue and teal glitters in the same vein as Pinky Glitter. Not a huge fan of pink, but I love those two for layering! I’m sure this has a similar effect.

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