Super Bowl Nail Art Ideas!

Super Bowl Nail IdeasIt’s that time of the year again; the Super Bowl is this weekend! That means it’s time to start thinking about your manicure for the big game. Because well….why not? I love an excuse to do a themed manicure.

My hometown team (the Panthers) didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this year but one of my friend’s is having a Super Bowl party. I’m not all that invested in the outcome of the game but I’m looking forward to the commercials and half time show!

Over the years I have done a lot of football themed manicures so for this post I just did a manicure for each team in this year’s Super Bowl; the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. If you want some more general, non team specific football manicures check out my Super Bowl posts from 2014 and 2013. Worth noting for the Seahawks fans there is an additional Seahawks manicure in the 2014 Super Bowl post.

I love both manicures but I think I’m going to wear the New England Patriots one on Sunday. I’m a girl and I like Tom Brady. I’m not even sorry.

Make sure to leave a comment with who you are cheering for!


New England Patriots Nail Art New England Patriots Nail Art swatch

New England Patriots Manicure: For this manicure I did a play on my geometric patriot manicure. I started with CoverGirl Silver Lining. Then I used Color Club Frozen Daiquiri and butter LONDON Royal Navy to add the triangles to the tips of the nail. This is really easy to do; I just free-handed it with the brush in the bottle then overlapped Royal Navy to create the layered look. Just for fun I added star glitter (from Revlon Celestial Fx) to my pointer finger since the Patriots logo includes a star.

For the ring finger football I used OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys and added the laces with Ulta Snow White and a nail art brush.

Seattle Seahawks Nail Art Seattle Seahawks Nail Art swatch


Seattle Seahawks Manicure: For this manicure I started with a white base (Ulta Snow White). Then I added sections of Essie Vices Versa, OPI My Silk Tie and butter LONDON Royal Navy.

The football nail is the same as the above manicure.


  1. I’m from the part of the world that does not have Super Bowl. Can your marine?! : P

    I love reading about it in the blogosphere though. I can’t say I know what actually happens and how it works, but I love the super bowl centred snacks : P

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