Essie Suite Retreat

Essie Suite Retreat COVEREvery year I look forward to the Essie resort collection. It’s always a bright spot in January which otherwise is a fairly slow nail polish month. But, I have to say, only Suite Retreat caught my eye from this year’s Resort collection.

Suite Retreat is a medium blue leaning purple creme. The color is gorgeous and makes me dream of warm, sunny days. But, this certainly isn’t a groundbreaking or super unique color.

The formula is fantastic. This is almost a one coater but I did use two coats in my swatches.

Depending on the lighting Suite Retreat can look a bit different. Because of that I included swatches from my light box as well as in direct sunlight.

The 2015 Resort collection should be hitting soon. Currently, Suite Retreat is available online at There is a mini set for this collection that includes all 4 polishes that is also available at


Essie Suite Retreat Essie Suite Retreat swatch Essie Suite Retreat label Essie Suite Retreat Resort 2015


  1. This is really pretty! Apparently Target is having a buy two, get one free sale on Essies, are there any that you would recommend I get? I don’t have any since I don’t like to pay full price, so if you can recommend any must haves, I’d appreciate it! 🙂

    1. Try one of the new matte ones, I got Cozy in Cashmere and Coat Couture. Otherwise I agree with Cashmere Bathrobe. Hmm seems like a recurring theme there.

      And I like this color in the post, even though they repeat a lot of similar tones like it in their collections the past few years….

  2. Oh, what a pretty! looks great on you. Reminds me of Deborah Lippmann I Know What Boys Like, but a muted version. Essie has done a nice job with this.

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