SinfulColors Love Sprinkles (+ SinfulColors GoGo Girl)

SinfulColors Love Sprinkles COVERI was at Belk today and everywhere I turned was a reminder that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.

Now, I know Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s thing. But even if you don’t like Valentine’s Day all that much everyone likes hearts, right?

For Valentine’s Day 2015 SinfulColors released a new, limited edition glitter; Love Sprinkles. There are a few polishes being repromoted along with Love Sprinkles; GoGo Girl, Decadent (a glitter) and Pinky Glitter.

SinfulColors is calling this their Flirt With Hearts collection. And the collection description is fantastic:

Channel your inner Cupid this Valentine’s Day with eight sensuous hues that are guaranteed to make hearts flutter.

I’m not even going to try to follow that.

Under the jump you will find swatches of both Love Sprinkles and GoGo Girl along with my thoughts on both polishes.

Since GoGo Girl is part of the permanent line it should already be in stores. Love Sprinkles will be available in February.


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SinfulColors GoGo GirlGoGo Girl: SinfulColors describes this polish as a sleek and sexy candy apple red. While that is a perfectly accurate description it doesn’t tell the whole story.

GoGo Girl is a neutral medium red crelly with an AMAZING formula. Even though it is jelly-creme hybrid I only needed two coats. And it dried to a super shiny finish.

This is a classic red that costs $1.99. And the wear time is impressive. GoGo Girl would make a fantastic go to, universal red polish. And anyway, you can never go wrong with red nails!

SinfulColors GoGo Girl swatch SinfulColors GoGo Girl label

SinfulColors Love Sprinkles swatchLove Sprinkles: I am so impressed by Love Sprinkles. So many times these cute polishes with heart glitter look fantastic in the bottle but turn out to be a nightmare to deal with. Not the case with Love Sprinkles!

SinfulColors describes Love Sprinkles as a bubble gum pink gleaming with white hearts and flecks of glitter.

Lets break down this polish a little better than that.

  • The larger, hex glitter is a matte baby pink.
  • The small, round glitter is a matte white.
  • The hearts are also a matte white.
  • The base is clear.

Sounds fantastic. Now, there’s the task of getting it on the nail. My base color is (of course) GoGo Girl. I used what I’ll call a coat and a SinfulColors Love Sprinkles bottlehalf of Love Sprinkles. I didn’t manipulate the heart glitter with a toothpick. The key to make sure some hearts make it onto the nails is shaking the bottle as the heart glitter tends to settle at the bottom.

I think the end look turned out great. Of course, if you want your hearts to sit a certain way on the nail that can easily be done with a toothpick or the end of a nail file.

It’s worth noting that with other polishes with heart glitter (like Revlon Hearts of Gold FX) I had problems with the hearts popping off because my nails are quite curved. I did not have that problem with Love Sprinkles as the heart glitter is a bit smaller.

Love Sprinkles is limited edition so if you see this make sure to grab it!

If you’re thinking this looks a bit familiar it is similar to OPI Bearest of Them All (but only a sixth of the price!).

SinfulColors Love Sprinkles SinfulColors Love Sprinkles MACRO


  1. I just love it! I have a lot of SC polishes and I must look into these. I have Pinky Glitter and it’s my go-to polish for summer. My wonderful little boy (he’s ten) gets me Sinful Colors polishes for special occasions. He pays for them with his allowance, and he always charms the girl at the beauty counter into putting the bottle in a frilly bag with fancy tissue paper because it’s for his mother.

    Even if I didn’t like Sinful Colors polishes, I’d love them because of him!

    1. This is definitely a good way to do a Valentine’s manicure without it being too over the top or child like. Not to mention, it’s also super easy!

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