OPI Infinite Shine Indignantly Indigo (+ wear test)

OPI Indignantly Indigo COVERIt’s about time, OPI!

The OPI Infinite Shine line is a new long wear line of polishes from OPI that promises 10 day wear with a mirror like shine. It’s a 3 step system and comes in 30 shades.

This line is more expensive than the regular OPI line at $12.50 a pop (including the base and top coat). I decided to get a color and the top coat to try out.

None of the 30 shades OPI is currently offering are particularly groundbreaking and as far as I can tell are all creme finishes. But, Indignantly Indigo is right up my alley.

Indignantly Indigo is, as the name suggest, an indigo creme. I really love the color and the formula is fantastic. It could easily be a one coater.

In my swatches I used two coats of Indignantly Indigo and one coat of the Infitine Shine Top Coat. I used my current base coat (Barielle Fortifying Nail Builder).

I wore this polish for 8 days. 8 WHOLE DAYS. Overall, I was impressed by the wear time. On day 5 I began to notice tip wear though really, it still looked pretty good. By day 6 I was ready to do my nails and if not doing a wear test would have definitely done my nails.

Under the jump you will find swatches of Indignantly Indigo as well as pictures from all 8 days.

It’s worth noting that despite this being a dark polish (and not using the Infinite Shine base coat) I had no issues with staining when I removed this polish.

You can fine the Infinite Shine line, top and base coat at Ulta as well as on Amazon.

While overall I was impressed with my Infinite Shine experience I do prefer the CND Vinylux. You can see a review  of that top coat (as well as a wear test!) by clicking here.


OPI Indignantly Indigo OPI Indignantly Indigo swatch

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  1. I do my nails every couple of days so I am not interested in these types of polishes. In fact, I am starting to really resent them. They are taking shelf position away from regular polishes. It was bad enough when (true) gel polish came out, now this. I just went across town to my favorite nail supply store. It used to carry tons and tons and tons of (regular) polish. Now, to accommodate all this lightless gel that all the brands are bringing out, they have cut their stock of regular polish almost in half. I am NOT a happy camper! Unfortunately, there seems to be interest in them, so I will just have to deal with it. 🙁

    1. I hear ya. I’m not one to wear any given manicure more than a couple days but I do appreciate having polishes that are meant to be long wearing for the times I know I’m not going to have time to do my nails.

      I think like any other nail polish trend this will eventually wain. Heck, not even 2 years ago it was almost hard to find a normal polish because of all the textured polishes!

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