Nails Inc by Victoria Beckham

Nails Inc by Victoria Beckham COVERIf you follow TDV on Instagram or Twitter or even Facebook you likely know by now I’m completely and totally in love with this collaboration between Nails Inc. and Victoria Beckham. I adore the polishes and the packaging and the presentation. The only thing I don’t like is the price tag. This is an expensive item. Individually the polishes cost $25. The duo cost $45. Nails Inc sent this to me for review and despite how much I love it I’m not entirely sure I’d spend $45 to get both polishes.

There is a full review of both polishes as well as information on the packaging and a simple nail art look under the jump.

This duo is limited edition for Spring Summer 2015 and is currently available at Sephora, Saks, Macys and


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Nails Inc by Victoria Beckham boxPackaging and presentation: Nails Inc did an excellent job in terms of presentation of this product. The duo comes in a sleek, white box (that even my cat likes) and the bottles that are inside are a work of art. This new bottle design was designed in part by Victoria Beckham. It’s a concave glass bottle and it is heavy. The bottles look and feel incredibly luxurious which they should as they are made with the finest Venetian glass. Each bottle is hand frosted leaving windows on each side so the polish inside can be seen. Judo Red comes in a matte white bottle; Bamboo White comes in a matte black bottle.

Nails Inc by Victoria BeckhamThe cap is where most of the weight of the bottle is but no worries, the cap is removable. Once removed a ribbed, black plastic cap is revealed.

Formula: These polishes boast a new, unique Nails Inc formula that features stretch-to-fit technology and bamboo extract with Silica. The formula comes with quite the list of claims:

  • Gives a perfect smooth application
  • Builds healthy nails and helps regain their natural shine
  • Reduces nail ridges and imperfections
  • Promotes nail growth

These claims are based on:

  • Stretch-to-fit technology that provides a flexible, self-leveling finish. The color glides onto the nail and fits every contour ensuring a perfectly smooth application.
  • Bamboo extract with Silica promotes optimum nail health as it conditions and feeds the nail bed with essential nutrients.
  • The Nails Inc Regenerating Complex; a two-fold Aldehyde, Zinc and Calcium blend that boosts the production of keratin for harder, stronger and healthier nails.

Nails Inc Bamboo WhiteBamboo White: Bamboo White is a pink leaning pale nude creme that Nails Inc calls a bone shade. This polish is so incredibly flattering against my very pale, very pink skintone.

The formula is lovely; I used just two coats in my swatches.

I really, REALLY like this polish. I keep trying to come up with excuses to wear it. Once I even topped it with some glitter (Sally Hansen MeteorLight) and the result was lovely.

Nails Inc Bamboo White swatch

I racked my brain trying to come up with a dupe for this polish and could not think of one. A couple are Essie Topless & Barefoot (more brown) and Essie Urban Jungle (slightly gray).

Nails Inc Judo RedJudo Red: This polish may be called Judo Red but I’m seeing orange. Not that I mind as I never get tired of orange nails.

Nails Inc describes Judo Red as a vibrant tomato creme. This is a very orange leaning red (if we’re going to call it a red at all). The color is gorgeous. I like that it’s bright and eye catching but not over the top.

The formula, as with Bamboo White, is perfection. I used just two coats in my swatches.

Nails Inc Judo Red swatch

While this color is lovely it’s not exactly ground breaking. Judo Red is only a smidge more red than SinfulColors Citrine. Essie Meet Me at Sunset is a bit more red.

Nails Inc for Victoria Beckham nail artNail Art: The inspiration  behind this duo was the Victoria, Victoria Beckham SS15 collection. These colors were inspired by the feel of the collection and its subtle incorporation of Japanese elements.

Separately, I don’t seen these Japanese elements Nails Inc speaks of. But, put the two polishes together and I definitely see it.

This is actually a recreation of a manicure I did last summer. I didn’t want to do anything too complicated as VVB seems to be more about graphic details than complicated patterns.

I am obsessed with this manicure. I love the color combination and subtle pop of color. Originally I did this manicure for a Saturday night out but this manicure stayed on my nails for 5 days. And I had zero chips (ZERO!) when I took it off. Perhaps there is something to all that technical mumbo jumbo about the formula.

Nails Inc by Victoria Beckham nail art swatch Nails Inc by Victoria Beckham nail art

Day 5
Day 5

Final Thoughts: As I said before, these are expensive polishes. And while they do feel luxurious and the formula and wear time is absolutely fantastic this has to be categorized as a collector’s item. If you love Victoria Beckham or are into celebrity/fashion collaborations you will not be disappointed with this duo. This would also make a fantastic gift as the presentation is very impressive.

If I was going to splurge on just one of these polishes I would go with Bamboo White.


  1. Bamboo White, looks amazing on you! So pretty! The Judo Red is nice as well. I really enjoy this shade of “red”. Is this close to OPI’s Race Red?

    1. I don’t have Race Red but I think it’s a bit more red and not quite as bright but it’d certainly be a good substitute.

  2. This took me a while to remember what this polish reminded me of. It’s not a twin, but a very distant cousin twice removed. ( never did figure out what that means). A few weeks or so ago, you did a manicure using OPI’s Italian Love Affair. It had this glowing quality about it. And that’s what Bamboo White reminds me of. Obviously a really exquisite high end, many shades lighter relative. I can’t see your face, but we all know how a little luxury makes you feel.

    1. Italian Love Affair does have a similar tone to Bamboo White for sure. I didn’t even think of that!

      These polishes really are beautiful and the luxurious packaging and presentation are a nice touch but at the end of the day it really is just nail polish.

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