Kiko – Violet Microglitter (255)

Kiko - 255 Violet Microglitter BottleGood morning! It’s back to work for me today! I’ve had a pretty nice break, but I’m not quite ready to go back… Lucky for you, I’m always ready to talk about nail polish!

On my Top 10 of 2014 post you guys showed lots of love for Golden Tiffany (sadly, discontinued), so I wanted to show off another beauty by Kiko: Violet Microglitter (255) &  this one is still available! The name, while boring, is very accurate. Kiko 255 is a deepy violet jelly packed with tiny holographic glitter. It’s SO stunning – especially in the sun. I used two coats and was so happy with the result. I’d suggest using either a thicker top coat or maybe two coats to smooth it out.

Lucky for everyone, the italian based company is starting to expand into the US and currently has several stores in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. There’s also a store in Miami. You can head over to to see if there’s a store near you!

Eeek! Love it!

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Kiko - 255 Violet Microglitter 2

Kiko - 255 Violet Microglitter

Kiko - 255 Violet Microglitter 3

Kiko - 255 Violet Microglitter 4





  1. I agree with everyone, Golden Tiffany is wonderful. I was smitten with Cornflower! 🙂 But I have quite a soft spot for sparkles!! I think deep down there is a Fairy living inside me. Thanks for sharing, and good luck back to work.

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