Katie’s Top 10 Polishes of 2014

Katie's Daily Varnish Top 10 2014Every time I sit down to write my top 10 post, I can’t believe how fast another year has gone by. More than the start of a new school year or my birthday, it’s the top 10 post that gets me. That’s so weird, right? I get all sentimental and thankful for all of you. I feel obliged to say that I cannot believe how far our little website has come…

But before I start to tear up, let’s talk about 2014. I settled into a Monday posting schedule – which really worked for me – most of the time anyway. There were more than a handful of Sunday night meltdowns when I was preparing for work and just didn’t have time to post – which would result in a bargain with Alli: “If you’ll just post tomorrow, I’ll post x on y!”

Now, let’s talk about 2014 in polish. What a fun year! I got to try out a lot of new brands – some European brands I’d never thought I’d get a chance to try thanks to a polish pal in Paris (see the alliteration? See what I did there?) All in all, I’d call 2014 a huge success.

Alright, enough of my rambling. Are you ready for my Top 10!?!

So much love,

katie signature 2015

These are in no particular order, because narrowing it down to 10 was hard enough. Clicking on the pictures will take you back to my original post. Enjoy!

Zoya Magical Pixie Dust BarZoya Bar. I couldn’t get enough of texture in 2013, Zoya Bar helped carry over that love into 2014. If a beach were made of diamonds and gold, I’d like to think it’d look just like Zoya Bar. It’s much more magnificent than any of my pictures would show. deborah lippmann - autumn in new york 2

Deborah Lippmann Autumn in New York. Gold Chrome has been done several times over, but it’s never been done this well. The New York Marquee Collection of luxe chromes set a new bar for chrome polishes. I’m not sure it can bOrly - Blinge beat.

ORLY Bling. Gold. Holo. Perfection. It’s the gold best friend of Mirrorball which earned it’s way onto Alli’s Top 10. Bling was an obvious favorite of mine from ORLY’s Holiday Sparkle collection.

OPI - Today I Accomplished Zero (Bottle)

OPI Today I Accomplished Zero As former coke, diet coke, & coke zero addict (yes, in that order), The OPI Coca Cola Collaboration was probably my favorite collection of the year. I loved all the names – this one in particular. I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out on the nail but it ended up looking really great. Thumbs up.

OPI Green on the Runway Not to be outdone by the darker colas, the Sprite polish was an absolutelrp_OPI-Green-on-the-Runway-5-300x300.jpgy standout. I’m a sucker for duochromes and while I didn’t wear it alot over the summer, it caught a lot of wear time in the fall.  I’m going to repeat this: I loved this collection. Two more polishes: My Signature is “DC” and You’re so Vain-illa made my honorable mention list.

2014 brought me the good fortune of getting to try some new brands. The two standouts are HEMA and Kiko. HEMA - Ocean Water

HEMA Ocean Water. When I decided to embrace a rainy day with this polish, I had no idea it’d become an instant favorite. It’s marvelous. It’s my favorite of the Limited Edition HEMA Ocean polishes.
Kiko - Golden Tiffany

Kiko Golden Tiffany I got to try out more than a handful of polishes by Kiko. Golden Tiffany is stunning. I have lots more to try so I anticipate Kiko making another Top 10 appearance in 2015. Essie - Cocktails & Coconuts

Essie Cocktails & Coconuts This is what Sand Tropez should have been. It also cracked The Daily Varnish Top 10 of 2014. Great neutral.

Essie - Pinking About You essie Pinking about You I was all about the BCA polishes this year. This delicate pink glitter was adorable and feminine. It was also my favorite.deborah lippmann - weird science

deborah lippmann Weird Science Last but certainly not least: Weird Science. YES. My love for weird greens continues. This was the first polish I tried from the Fantastical collection for Winter 2014 and I still have two to go.

Honorable Mentions:

Zoya Yuna, Zoya Autumn, OPI You’re so Vain-illa, OPI My Signature is DC, Barielle Topless in St. Tropez, and Julep Paula.











    1. I loooove Kiko. I’m posting another tomorrow & it is actually available, unlike the sadly discontinued Golden Tiffany.

      I really hope Kiko opens a shop near me in the near future..

  1. I’m really glad you included Kiko Golden Tiffany in your top 10. It was my favorite post of yours all year. But I can’t find it anywhere! If you know where this polish can be bought, please share. Happy New Year!

    1. Well….. I double checked and it’s been discontinued… I think your best bet would be to see if anyone is swapping it. Gah. I don’t know.

      Now I’m kind of determined to find more bottles..

    1. I loved that OPI collection. Thinking back on those 4 made me want to order all the others…. ah!

      The KIKO seems to be the star of the 2014 show!

  2. I have to agree with you about the Essie “Pinking About You” glitter put out as part of their BCA set. Having gone through breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy last year (starting Feb 2014), I bought every bit of BCA polish that I could find online. I couldn’t find anything here in Tasmania, and was extremely disappointed about that, but did manage to get some great polishes just the same. I’ll be on the lookout again this year, because I want to do everything I can to support BCA. By the way, do you check yourself regularly. If you don’t, please start doing so. I was the one who found my lump, not my doctor or the breast screening people. If I hadn’t found it, my prognosis could have been a lot different. As things stand at this stage, I’m a breast cancer SURVIVOR, and STAYING ONE!

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