Wet n Wild – Putting on Airs

Wet n Wild - Putting on AirsYesterday I was wandering around Walgreens waiting for a prescription when a new display caught my eye. At first I thought it was a brand new line of Wet n Wild polishes – then I realized they have given the Wild Shine bottles a much needed upgrade! I have been a big fan of the Wild Shine line for years, but the bottles…. so dated.

I quickly scanned the names and grabbed one I didn’t recognize: Putting on Airs. It’s not the most seasonal choice, but I’ve been under the weather and I wanted something light and fun on my nails.

Putting on Airs is a bright sky blue creme. Light blue polish always makes me nervous because the formula seems to be completely hit or miss. I’m happy to say that Putting on Airs was an opaque dream with two coats. Horray! 99 cents!

Have you seen the new bottles yet? Love ’em? Hate ’em? After trying this one, I’m ready to go buy a few more new shades. I’m lookin’ at you, Yo Soy & Nuclear War.

Lots of pictures below!


Katie Signature Purple

Wet n Wild - New Wild Shine Bottle (Putting on Airs)

Wet n Wild - Puttong on Airs Bottle

Wild Shine Bottles

wet n wild - putting on airs 2

Wet n Wild - Putting on Airs



  1. Agreed about much needed makeover…I am sure I will grab some. This color is so pretty, I am obsessed with finding multiple light-ish to light-medium-ish blue options. So will probably get this…

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