OPI Dark Side of the Mood

OPI Dark Side of the Mood COVERWhen I first laid eyes on the OPI Fifty Shades of Grey collection Dark Side of the Mood was the polish I just knew I would love. I’m a total sucker for gray polishes, especially dark gray polishes. It’s a great way to wear black polish without wearing black polish. If you find the right dark gray it can be a much more flattering option than a stark black polish. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up loving this polish as much as I thought I would. But, I did use it for my New Year’s manicure!

Dark Side of the Mood is a deep blue based gray that OPI describes as a stormy charcoal. While the color is (dangerously) gorgeous the formula is unfortunately not good. Plus, as it turns out, I have quite a few other polishes in my collection that are better than Dark Side of the Mood.

In my swatches I used 3 and a half coats; meaning 3 coats on some nails and 4 on others. The formula just doesn’t have much pigment and I had a hard time evening out the color to avoid bare patches.

Under the jump you will find not only swatches of Dark Side of the Moon but also a comparison of Dark Side of the Mood with L’Oreal Elegance is Innate, OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! and China Glaze Concrete Catwalk. While none of them are dead on dupes they are incredible close and all have far superior formulas to Dark Side of the Mood.

The OPI Fifty Shades of Gray collection will be available at Ulta and other OPI retailers January 6th. The mini set that includes all 6 polishes in this collection can currently be pre-ordered on Amazon.



OPI Dark Side of the Mood OPI Dark Side of the Moon dupes swatchOPI Dark Side of the Moon dupes (2)


  1. I’m kind of bummed that the formula is so bad! I was looking forward to this collection for this color alone. Do you think because it’s in a mini the formula is bad? I have You Don’t Know Jacques and Lincoln Park after Dark in a mini and the formula is horrible!! But I have heard nothing but good things about those two colors, so I’m blaming the minis in my case.

    1. I’ve never experienced the formulas in the mini sets being different from the regular sized polishes. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one who had formula issues with this polish.

      The problem with YDKJ and LP is that they are such popular colors OPI has produced a TON of those polishes so there are some formula inconsistencies.

  2. wow the color is so gorgeous I think I need to pick up the mini set. I have better luck with the mini brushes anyway for my narrow nail beds. I have Chanel Orage and I am in love with colors like that so I want to compare those two. thanks for the Nein nein compare. there is so much more blue tone in Dark Side of the Mood. For that reason I think it will work well for me, and I will deal with the formula issues because of the color. great post and swatches!

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