OPI Romantically Involved (+ OPI Shine For Me)

OPI Romantically Involved COVERApparently the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is really happening. I have mixed feelings about this. I read the first book without knowing much about the story except it originated as Twilight fan fiction. To say the least I was a bit, uh, shocked by what I was reading! That being said, I did do a Fifty Shades of Grey inspired manicure way back in 2012 so it’s not as if I absolutely hated the book…

But anyway. OPI did a collection using the film as inspiration. There are six shades of the limited edition collection and Romantically Involved is the only polish that isn’t a shade of gray (ha!).

OPI’s description for Romantically Involved is too good not to share.

I’m in a deep relationship with this luscious creme red.

I’m not entirely sure luscious is an adjective I would have come up with to describe this polish but it certainly is a bit luscious.

In more normal terms Romantically Involved is a warm toned red creme that has a slight jelly feel to it. While this color is pretty basic it does dry to a beautifully shiny finish and the jelly-ness of the formula givers it a lighter feel on the nail than a normal creme polish.

Romantically Involved is a lovely polish and if you don’t already have a dark red in your collection that you love definitely check this polish out.

I wore this manicure Friday night when I went uptown to grab dinner and a drink. The plan was to go to Urban Sip which is a fantastic wine bar and lounge in the Ritz Carlton with an amazing view. I wanted to wear a classic red but I also wanted to spice my manicure up just a tad so I added an accent nail using Shine On Me. Shine On Me is the glitter polish in this collection and I really like the way these two polishes looked together. It was the perfect manicure for a night out on the town.

Under the jump there are swatches of Romantically Involved as well as the manicure I did with Shine On Me.

This collection will be available at Ulta and other OPI retailers January 6th. I have the mini set which includes all 6 polishes from the collection. The mini set can currently be pre-ordered on Amazon.


OPI Romantically Involved OPI Romantically Involved swatch OPI Romantically Involved and OPI Shine For Me OPI Romantically Involved and OPI Shine For Me swatch


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