Nailspiration: The Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets Manicure COVERLast weekend I went to a Charlotte Hornets game. It was a weird thing for me as I’m not a Hornets fan or an NBA fan at all. Considering my (well documented on this blog) love of sports it was weird to be at a game that I didn’t much care about the outcome.

Regardless, I was having a lovely evening. The boy and I went out to dinner with another couple (my brother even dropped in) and the game was fun. And then something super dramatic happened. Ok, it wasn’t Iron Bowl dramatic…but, Kemba Walker hit the winning shot for the Hornets with next to no time left on the clock. I even have video proof (thanks SnapChat).

Of course I wasn’t going to show up at a sporting event without appropriate nails. I don’t think teal and purple are the prettiest color combination in the world so it was a definitely make it work moment. I had to hardcore dig through my stash to find an appropriate teal polish. Finally I settled on Sally Hansen Fairy Teal (it still stains like CRAZY). I wanted to keep it simple so I did all my nails with Fairy Teal except an accent nail. I used Orly Saturated and OPI Show It and Glow It for my accent nail.

I like the way my Hornets inspired manicure turned out though it’s not a manicure I would rock otherwise. The color combination just isn’t my favorite. The things we do for sports…

As always, there are swatches under the jump.


Sally Hansen Charlotte Hornets Manicure Orly Charlotte Hornets Manicure OPI Charlotte Hornets Manicure Charlotte Hornets Manicure



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