JulieG Jet Set Quick-Dry Top CoatI’m always trying new top coats but my all time favorite for years has been Essie Good to Go!. I go through top coats far too quickly to spend $10 every time I need a new top coat so I don’t splurge on Good to Go! often. And since I’ve found JulieG Jet Set Quick-Dry Top Coat I may never make that splurge again.

When I’m looking at top coats the first thing I look at are the manufacturer claims. The claims for Jet Set are as follows:

Jet Set Quick-Dry Top Coat will have your nails travel-ready in no time with an unbeatable level of protection and shine.

With a description like that I just had to try it!

Jet Set is a thin, quick dry top coat that dries to a super shiny finish. This is not a super quick dry top coat (like Seche Vite or H K Girl) but it definitely accelerates the process. After 5 or 10 minutes I don’t worry about dinging my nails on things. I find the shiny finish of this polish doesn’t dull and my polish wears very well when I use Jet Set.

I’ve been using this top coat on and off since last summer and I always find myself coming back to it. It’s a no fuss top coat that I know will dry quickly and extend the wear of my polish. What more can I ask for?

Oh, I know! All JulieG polishes are cruelty and 3 free. And this lovely top coat retails for a cool $3.99.

The only negative (which is a negative for many top coats) is this gets a bit thick as you get to the end of the bottle. That can be fixed with a few drops of nail polish thinner (I use Orly Nail Lacquer Thinner but any thinner will do).

I will continue to try different top coats because, well, I have a nail polish blog. But, as of now, Jet Set has a permanent spot in my nail arsenal.

You can find Jet Set at Rite Aid stores or the Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics website.



  1. AngieSue says:

    I wish we had Rite-Aids in my area but, alas, we don’t. My favorite quick-dry top coat is the NYC Grand Central Station – shiny finish, quick dry, good at leveling polish and no shrinkage (Seche Vite, KBShimmer Clearly on Top). However, it does get goopy after some time but it’s cheap to replace.

    • Alli says:

      I’ve tried several NYC top coats but not that one. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it!

      If you add a couple drops of thinner to your top coat it should be like new 🙂

  2. Tanguera says:

    Do you know if it’s at least 3 free? I have read that quick dry top coats penetrate to the nail bed, so I’m just as fussy about the toxicity, just as if it were a base coat. I think that polish molecules might actually enter the bloodstream (as gross as that sounds) and I wear it nearly every day so I only buy from the 3 free or above lines, preferably 5 free.

What do you think?