Barielle Midnight in Paris

Barielle Midnight in Paris COVERIf there is one store I should avoid it is World Market. I mean, it has EVERYTHING I buy too much of. Candles. Wine. Foreign food items. Kitchen products. Glass wear. Soap. Throw pillows. It’s literally the best store ever. But I found myself in World Market the other day and spotted the most perfect ornament for my mom. While I’m a Paris girl myself, she loves London.

While I was there I did find the most perfect Arc de Triomphe ornament for myself and decided it was just way too cute not to include in a cover photo for a polish called Midnight in Paris. If you’re looking for unique ornaments World Market is the place to go.

Anyway! On to the actual nail polish. Midnight in Paris if from Barielle’s Fall/Winter 2014 Jetsetter collection. This is a polish that I’ve been lemming since September! To say the least, I had high expectations and Midnight in Paris did not disappoint.

Midnight in Paris is a super dark violet with an almost metallic finish. Depending on the lighting this can either look like a deep purple or a shimmery blue. Either way, it’s a gorgeous polish. And I love the finish. It’s a bit metallic but not obviously metallic. The finish is softer which makes the dark color seem less harsh.

The formula is fantastic. I used two coats in my swatches and topped it with Barielle No Chip Speed Dry top coat.

There are two swatches under the jump that show this polish in different lighting.

Now I have Barielle polishes named after two of my favorite places in the world; Paris and Capri!


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Barielle Midnight in Paris Barielle Midnight in Paris swatch


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