1960’s Nails

1960's NailsI find nail polish trends to be fascinating. I did a post on 1920’s nails when The Great Gatsby film came out and enjoyed reading about what was considered in at the time and why.

My foray into 1960’s nails didn’t come due to a film but because of Halloween. This year I went as an undecided voter from the 1960 presidential election (if you know me this is just so typical Allison). I was planning out my outfit but I find to really transform to a different time it’s as much about the makeup and nails as it is the clothes and shoes.

So I started doing research. Information about 60’s makeup was easy to find (and I have to admit I loved rocking a ton of black liner and huge lashes). But information on the nail front was a bit more difficult to pin down. I found pictures to be the most helpful in determining nail trends. Particularly the two photos I included in the cover photo for this post.

The blond is, of course, Kate Moss. The photo from a 60’s inspired photo shoot for Vanity Fair. As you can see her nails are a pale pink. The other photo is a Cutex ad also featuring pink nails, though darker. What you can’t tell from the photos is frosted polish dominated during the decade. Which, is interesting, because all makeup at this time was entirely matte.

Because my dress was red I went with pale pink nails. I used OPI Italian Love Affair but found that wasn’t frosted enough. To add even more frost to the manicure I topped it with Prestige Wonder Gloss in Lily. I think I managed to achieve the look I was going for.

My manicure worked perfectly for Halloween though you wouldn’t catch me dead in this manicure on a regular day. This manicure does, as it should, look dated. And it’s very not me. Which I guess is the point of Halloween.

Anyway. There are, of course, swatches under the jump.


OPI Italian Love Affair and Pretige Lily Prestige Lily and OPI Italian Love Affair

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